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Anxiety sucks.  With the fast paced work environment of the Bay Area, anxiety can hold you back and keep you stuck in an exhausting inner battle of fear and panic. Perhaps you have had a panic attack and worry about having another one. Or maybe you find yourself frequently worrying about your relationship with your partner.
Obsessive thoughts might be keeping you up at night and disrupting your ability to focus at work. It can feel like you are in a tug-of-war battle with your fears and worries. The more you try to fight and control your anxiety, the worse it gets. The good news is, it does not have to be this way.
Through therapy, my clients are able to let go of their struggles with anxiety so they can live the life they want. They start sleeping better and living with more peace of mind. They become more present with the people they care about. And they are able to be calm and focused at work.
You might have been thinking of starting therapy for some time.  In the meantime, your anxiety has only gotten worse and worse.  If you are ready to finally get this handled, it is time to start therapy.
Therapy can help you:
  • Sleep peacefully and restful at night
  • Have more connected relationships
  • Let go of difficult past experiences that are holding you back
  • Be more present at work
  • Gain direction and motivation in life
  • Live with more clarity and peace of mind
  • Be kind and compassionate toward yourself
  • Get more perspective on a challenging situation
  • Take meaningful action on your life goals

The insights, skills, and growth you gain through therapy can last a lifetime.

I personally know that transformation is possible. My own struggles with anxiety motivated me to go through my own therapy process and cultivate more peace, presence, and purpose in my life. I would love to support you in cultivating these for your life and help you reach your therapeutic goals.
I offer individual therapy and mindfulness skills groups in my office in Oakland, CA.  My style is warm, compassionate, and accepting.  I believe in a collaborate counseling experience.
I get it. Reaching out for help can be scary and feel vulnerable. I hope to make the process of starting therapy as easy and comfortable as possible. Call me or email me and let me know what your struggles are. We can discuss if we are a good match and if so, schedule an initial appointment for you to come in. I look forward to connecting with you.
I also have an online mindfulness for stress and anxiety group with a free introductory class.  For more information click here: https://drellisedmunds.com/mindfulness-stress-anxiety-group/ 
Email: drellisedmunds@gmail.com
Phone: 510-473-5083 

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