Esther Allison, R.P. (Qualifying), M.A.

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  • Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)
  • Elora, Ontario, N0B 1S0
  • Phone: 5198038464
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  • Session Fees: A full session is $100 and is scheduled to be 50 minutes in length. I offer a sliding scale for those who require a reduced fee. If you need information about my sliding scale, please let me know before scheduling your first appointment.

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Having been not only a therapist but also a client, I know the courage it requires to walk into a counsellor’s office to share your private concerns with someone. This is why my first priority as a therapist is creating an atmosphere that is inviting, welcoming and safe.  

Where is my office?:

I use office space in a church building in the beautiful, countryside of Elora. There is plenty of free parking and a private side entrance at the church that leads to my office space, making it an easily accessible and private location.


What kind of concerns do I have experience working with?

I enjoy working one-on-one with clients and I have experience helping people with a variety of concerns including: anxiety, depression, self-esteem, grief, domestic violence, and boundary issues.

 I have special interest in working with couples. I am passionate about helping couples strengthen and rebuild their connection to each other. Having been married for over twenty years myself, I understand both the reward and the struggle involved in making a relationship work. I have training in emotionally-focussed couples therapy (EFT). Utilizing this approach, I help couples explore how they currently bid for each other’s affection, and work with them to create new, meaningful ways of connecting to each other.

 I also like to integrate other approaches in my work with couples, as I believe every couple comes to counselling with unique circumstances that require a level of flexibility with my approach.


What is my approach to counselling?

Whether you are coming as an individual or as a couple, my approach to counselling is client-centred, which means that we will focus our sessions on what is most important to you, and I will support you in moving toward the change you desire.

 I also know that sometimes clients have a general feeling of “angst” and are unsure at the beginning of therapy what change they need. Often, discovering what change would be most useful for you is a part of the therapeutic process. We can work together to identify the changes you need and then work from there to create them.


What can you expect at your first session?

When you book your first appointment, I will email you some information about my counselling practice (regarding location, fees, length of sessions etc.). Along with that, I will email you my intake forms for you to fill in and bring with you to your first session. These forms ask questions regarding the nature of your concerns and provide me with some background information about what is important to you. We will review the information on these forms together, and then we will talk about what concerns have brought you to counselling. Together, we will work to create some goals to work toward in future sessions.


How many sessions will you need?

The length and frequency of therapy sessions depends on a variety of factors including: the availability/flexibility of your schedule; intensity of your presenting concern; any financial restrictions or other practical considerations you may have etc.

I use a brief-therapy model, and as a general rule most of my clients find between 6-12 sessions is a reasonable amount of sessions to receive the help and support they are seeking. Of course, you have the right to end counselling at any time. There is no contracted length of time for which you need to attend. The number and frequency of sessions will be individualized to meet your needs.


Free Phone Consultation:

For counselling to be most effective, it is important for you to find a therapist you feel comfortable with. I invite you to call me for a free 10-15-minute phone consultation to ask any questions about my approach to counselling and help you decide whether or not I would be the right therapist for you.

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