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  • Counsellor & Therapeutic Coach
  • KIMBERLEY, British Columbia, V1A 3B9
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Thanks for checking out my page! I enjoy the transformation I get to see when I support students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and other motivated individuals, young and old, with creating a deeper connection within themselves, their families or their marriages.

I want to help people reorganize their view of problems so that new ways of approaching these disruptions can emerge. After that, people begin to understand themselves and create their own solutions, while learning to let go of self-destructive patterns.
Transformational Moments

I believe that the challenges and problems we face are transformational moments in our history that guide and shape us to be who we are and who we will become. My goal is to design an organization and program that creates space for people to deconstruct their life, gain a deeper understanding of themselves and identify what holds them back. Everyone experiences challenges at some point in their life and for different reasons. I like to help individuals understand the experiences that have become their story. This is why I started Converging Currents.

Through, Converging Currents, I offer conventional in-office therapeutic coaching sessions for individuals, couples, & families; as well as, therapy conducted in the outdoors (Adventure Therapy). Children and youth thrive in these Adventure Therapy programs that use an experiential model of counselling. Converging Currents also works with businesses and entrepreneurs to help them reach their goals or develop a stronger team of staff members goals through the creation of adventure retreats that bring staff and management together to work towards the business goals outlined by the company. Maybe you have never thought of working with a counsellor to help strengthen your staff team or organization; however, being a relationship specialist (trained in counselling) means I can bring many unique and valuable tools to your workplace.

Individuals young and old enjoy my style of therapeutic coaching which focuses on helping you heal, grow, and achieve your personal goals. My goal is to help couples and families take their connection deeper and make their relationship stronger by increasing attunement and attachment in the relationship. I enjoy working with parents to help them understand their little one's behaviours or their parenting challenges. Additionally, I work with motivated individuals who need support with their goals, a life transition, relationship challenges and many other objectives.
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To find out more about the services Converging Currents offers, please go to my website and explore. Converging Currents offers a free 25-minute meet and greet to all clients in order to allow clients to see if it’s the right therapeutic fit and to make sure Hannah can help them with their counselling or coaching goals.

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