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As a registered therapist and health and wellness coach, Karen is experienced in many areas of counselling, including teen and child therapy, stress and anxiety, relationship issues, family dynamics and the blending of families as well as body image counselling and healthy living.
Karen used cognitive therapy and mindfulness training in her practice for both health and wellness and therapy.  Believing that the stresses of daily life can impact not only our mental state but our physical state has brought Karen to incorporate these two practices into her counselling style.  Believing that there is more to gain by facing problems head on and dealing with them in through therapy and training is one of the driving forces behind the methodology that Karen uses in her practice.  Everyone needs a little help sometimes and getting from a professional is one the best ways to ensure that it works and helps you achieve your goals.
Having gone through a divorce with very young children, Karen is aware of the struggles that a newly separated family can be faced with. At that time struggling to raise two young children and cope with the stress and uncertainty of being a newly single mother seemed like a daunting task. Gaining strength from family, friends and a good therapist helped her move past being the stressed out, frightened single mother to a remarried, confident, capable and strong wife, mother and therapist. Through her training, work experience and personal experience, Karen brings an empathetic and understanding approach to managing emotions and stress during these difficult times. Having a therapist that has been through the struggles of divorce, has co-parented with an ex-husband, has managed to blend a new step family, lives with teenager angst and understands the stress all these things can put on your not only your mental state but your physical state, encourages clients that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that the work that you put into your life, your new single life, is what you will get out of it in the end.

Karen is honest, easy to talk to and open up to. Therapy sessions can seem more like being with an old friend and sharing your feelings rather than a session with a practitioner.
All sessions are confidential and can be held at your convenience, either at the office or in your home or via text, email or Skype.  

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