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My goal is to remove the voices and feelings, from your past, that prevent you from feeling good.  I offer a free 50 minute consultation to show you how we will do this. 

 I am a psychodynamic therapist, which means I believe your early experiences need to be understood in order to understand your current behavior. I do not work on symptoms. I work on the root cause of the problems you are currently experiencing. For example, with anxiety I relieve your current symptoms and than look at the reason for them. Fear of being humiliated, making a mistake, feeling you are  'not good enough' are examples of root causes. I do not think you are to blame. Anyone with your experiences would feel and behave as you do.  

Understandably, if in your early years you were treated as  a ‘bother’ if you were ‘not listened to and responded to in a caring manner’ made  to feel you ‘were not good enough’ or you were not ‘competent’, experienced ‘emotional or physical abuse’ it would be difficult to feel good about yourself. After all, our family gives us a sense of who we are, even if this is an erroneous perception. Sometimes we intellectually realize this, but the voice inside of us continues to tell us what we learned so long ago. This inaccurate perception of ourselves is the basis of how we feel and behave. It is the fuel for disliking ourselves, self-destructive patterns, relationship problems and our moods and emotions.

About Me

I hope that giving you a sense of who I am as a person will help you in choosing a therapist.  I take my work seriously and I am there for you, not only during the session, but also when something comes up. At times it is very difficult to wait under stress.

I am easy-going, definitely non-judgemental, and see my job as understanding the unique experiences that you have had. I am a very caring person and extremely empathetic. I listen closely and let you share as much, or as little, as you want.  Trust takes time to build. I understand suffering, because I too have suffered. You do not have to feel bad inside.

Therapy helped me and I know it can help you too. There really is a choice.

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