Mary English, MACP, BEd, BA Hons

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  • Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)
  • Asphodel, Norwood, Ontario, K0L 2B0
  • Phone: 2492022236
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  • Session Fees: Clients are required to pay upfront via credit card, e-transfer or cash. I encourage clients to check with their insurance plans to see which services may be reimbursed.

 I understand and admire the great courage and honesty it takes to reach out for support. I help children, youth, and adults of ALL abilities realize their worth, through mind-body awareness, hands-on resources, and inner solutions. We can find the meaning in your stress, individual symptoms, and recognize where action is needed. With gentle guidance and support, you can feel whole again. How do you advocate, voice your needs assertively, discover your strengths and know your power to rise and feel good again? When there is a safe and trusting space. I model the empathy, encouragement, and compassion that you deserve for yourself!
 At any age and stage, we can learn new skills, build healthier coping strategies and change the habits that are just not working. I believe learning to express unspoken needs can result in feeling empowered and capable. Along with training and skills gained as a Special Education teacher for 20 years, I fuse mindfulness with SFT, CBT, and IFS approaches. I can support neurodiverse individuals, including those with ADHD and ASD to understand and manage their challenges and find strategies that work for them. Together, we can find alternative thinking, learning, and behaviour patterns that support the direction and success you would like to feel more. You can expect to be treated with respect, integrity, and dignity where you are valued as the leader in this counselling relationship.  
What MATTERS to you? What feels GOOD to you? What do you really WANT in your life? Let's explore these important questions from your heart and core self. Through curious inquiry, we can use elements of self-compassion to ask gentle questions, find meaning, and act on desired outcomes which may feel scary in the moment.  As we discover the barriers standing in the way to feeling better, we can begin to find solutions and strategies to overcome these, gradually improving your confidence, self-esteem, and sense of self.  With some time, a little hard work, and patience; your challenges can start to be viewed as steppingstones, gifts, and opportunities, leading to new pathways. Let's foster the self-talk, mindset and actions that create positive change and happiness for you! 

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