Stress, PTSD and Anxiety Therapists in Tsawwassen, BC.

Licensed professional counselling for anxiety, stress, phobias, and panic in Tsawwassen, British Columbia.

Anxiety Counsellor

Sherri Calder, MA, RCC, CRC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Tsawwassen, BC, British Columbia

If you are suffering from anxiety I can help. I know anxiety can cause unnecessary stress and it can be extremely debilitating. I work with a proven anxiety formula that is effective for treatment of a variety of anxiety concerns including: OCD, panic , health worries, phobias, social anxiety and generalized anxiety. Learn how to estimate danger differently and how to increase your ability to cope. If anxiety is preventing you from living your life fully, we can work together to create a specific plan to reduce anxiety so you have a new sense of freedom.

Anxiety Counsellor

Barbara Ohori, RTC MTC

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, Master Therapeutic Counsellor

unit 5, 4803 Haviland Street, Ladner, British Columbia

Anxiety and stress take a mighty toll on our mental, physical and spiritual well being. I work from the "inside out" in other words I help my clients look at what their own beliefs are about themselves and others too. As we slowly work towards more self acceptance, relaxation, mindfullness and acceptance..stress lessens and anxiety dissapears as it is well managed...and self regulation kicks in.

Anxiety Counsellor

Annette Kasahara, BA, MEd. (Psychology), RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

15421 Russell Avenue, White Rock, British Columbia

In therapy sessions clients will benefit from exploring the causes and contributing factors underlying the feelings of anxiety they are experiencing. Clients will identify stressors in their lives and identify how these stressors are effecting their emotional and physical well-being. They will learn strategies and skills to more effectively manage stress and anxiety, and learn to change their emotional reactions to stressful situations. It is my hope that clients will discover the capabilities that exist within themselves to create the peace and calm they wish to attain in their lives.

Anxiety Counselor

Patti Langlais, M.A, MPCC, CCHt

Registered Counsellor, Master Practitioner Clinical Counsellor

Available for Online Therapy

Our focus is to support individuals who are struggling with anxiety and stress to a more relaxed and manageable way of being. Not only is stress and anxiety hard on our health and energy, but it also can have a significant impact on our world around us. We will work in a collaborative manor to break apart the building blocks that have contributed to the imbalance of anxiety and stress in your life, and empower you with the tools and techniques to remain in balance.

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Tsawwassen is located in British Columbia, Canada. It has a land area of 6.58 square kilometers.  The population of Tsawwassen is 21,588 people with 323 households . The population ranking for Tsawwassen is #2361 nationally and #281 for the province of British Columbia with a density of 124.10 people per sq km. Tsawwassen therapists serve postal code: V4M.