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Anger Therapist

Tamara McCarty, MSW, RSW

Registered Psychotherapist and Social Worker

Some approaches may try and eliminate all conflict but research shows healthy relationships may indeed have conflict. Anger may feel as if you are living on the edge of a volcano. It is not the absence of conflict we want but a way to express our feelings in a way that does not hurt others or ourselves. Take a step off the volcano on to firmer ground and gain a handle on your feelings.

Anger Therapist

Tressa Porter, M.A.

Registered Psychotherapist and Consultant

Available for Online Therapy

Anger is probably the most misunderstood emotions and also one of our most valuable tools. Many of us have expereinced anger as abusive, brutal or scary. But don't confuse the feeling of anger with it's expression. The flip side of anger is passion. When we are really anger we are very passionate! We care deeply about something. Regardless of how it looks, anger is always a call for change. If we understand it and use anger to work for us, it never has to become large or mean. Instead it is like an inner advocate working for us with clarity and firmness createing the changes we need. I will work with you to harness your anger and get it working for you rather than against you!

Anger Therapist

Paul Young, MSW, RSW

Therapist, Registered Social Worker

Anger is so subjective in how it's understood. While it may be just fine to act a certain way one place, it may cause great trouble in another situation. Challenges with 'anger management' are many. Understanding the origin, and the thoughts behind it can be critical. Solutions can be found in changes of thought or perception, behaviour, or through better understanding and dealing with underlying negative emotions. But if anger is causing you problems, I can help you sort it out.

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