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Todd Kaufman, B.A., B.F.A., M.Div., R.P.

Psychotherapsit, Neuroplastic Change Coach

Within driving distance of Madoc

Practical, groundbreaking techniques that go beyond psychotherapy and integrate coaching and the science of neuroplastic change empowering you to make the changes you most desire, and carve a life filled with peace, satisfaction and happiness.

Anna Marson, M.A., RP, CCC, Heartfulness Psychotherapy


Within driving distance of Madoc

I believe that working from a client-centred, individualized approach is essential in fostering meaningful life change and growth through counselling. I view each client as an expert in their own lives and value and integrate each client’s ideas, preferences, and goals.

Deborah Nixon, Dr. Deborah Nixon, Psychologist

Dr. Deborah Nixon, Psychologist

Within driving distance of Madoc

I help teens, adults, and couples to address current problems and unresolved past issues in order to move their lives forward in a positive direction. For over thirty years I have worked with people from diverse backgrounds to enhance relationships and personal growth.

Kristen Hodges, M.Div, RP, RMFT

Registered Psychotherapist and Registered Marriage and Family Therapist

Within driving distance of Madoc

Everyone needs a safe and accepting space where they can be truly understood. I support individuals, couples and families as they build healthier relationships with themselves and others.

Sarah Chana Radcliffe, M.Ed., C.Psych


Within driving distance of Madoc

I provide you with tools to take home for a lifetime of enhanced well-being, whether you are addressing a specific problem, general issues with moods, worries or stress, or challenges within parenting, marriage or other relationships.

Allan Findlay, MSW, RSW

Registered Clinical Social Worker, Certified EFT Couple and Family Therapist

Within driving distance of Madoc

Whether you are concerned about your marriage, struggling with your teen or young adult, or thinking of leaving your relationship, I can help. I have more than thirty years of experience, certification in EFT couples and family therapy and a very high success rate.

Liane Odze-Silver, MA, RP

Registered Psychotherapist

Within driving distance of Madoc

I believe that growth, change, and healing happen within the safe container of the relationship with the therapist. I provide a compassionate place for you to talk about, explore, and identify the concerns that have prompted you to reach out for help and support.

Robin Long, C.A., M.Ed.

Masters in Counselling Psychology

Within driving distance of Madoc

Do you struggle with your weight? Do you have a negative body image? Are you unhappy at work? Are you plagued with negative thoughts? If so, Take Action Now and understand the underlying dynamics behind your actions and beliefs. Learn to travel on a more positive path.

Frances Carullo, BA (Psych), MSW, RSW

Registered Social Worker and Counsellor

Within driving distance of Madoc

I believe that each person has strengths and the capacity to make changes in order to improve their overall well-being. I can help you to recognize your strengths, gain insights, enhance existing skills and learn new skills to achieve the change you desire.

John Shippam, MC. RPC. RP(cand)

Master of Counselling. Registered Professional Counsellor. Registered Psychotherapist(cand)

Within driving distance of Madoc

We assist our clients in moving beyond their present situation at their own pace, not rushed, nor pushed, but safely moving towards their personal goals with our experience, knowledge and care. However, when rapid turnarounds are required, effective solutions are near.

Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

Registered Psychotherapist

Within driving distance of Madoc

Therapy can help bring back a sense of connectedness to life or can help repair a damaged relationship. Couples or individuals are invited to take the first steps in bringing joy and meaning to their experiences. Weekends and evening hours available.

Lorena Patrucco, BA(Ed.), M.A

Registered Psychotherapist (q) -Counselor

Within driving distance of Madoc

Is your child or teen often feeling angry, depressed, or anxious? Do you want your child or youth to feel healthy, happy, and get along with you? I specialize in the treatment of young children, youth, and families to address a wide array of mental health concerns.

Nidhi Gupta, R.I.H.R, Dip. BSc (Hons), RPc

Regd. Psycotherapist: Individuals, Teens, Couples, Families

Within driving distance of Madoc

Do you currently feel overwhelmed, stuck or lacking purpose in your life? Do you have difficulty in relationships, or find you are repeating unhealthy patterns? I can help you find your feelings and get in touch with your true self-worth, and overcome stress and anxiety

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Madoc is located in Ontario, Canada. It has a land area of 277.97 square kilometers.  The population of Madoc is 2,078 people with 804 households . The population ranking for Madoc is #1314 nationally and #302 for the province of Ontario with a density of 7.50 people per sq km. Madoc therapists serve postal code: L6V.