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  • Registered Clinical Counselor
  • 201-576 England Avenue, Courtenay, British Columbia, V9M 3V7
  • Phone: 250-650-9222
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My name is Amy Kelly. After working with families as a midwife for over a decade and, more recently, completing my Master's in counseling psychology, I am pleased to offer counselling services in the Comox Valley.

My Focus​
My focus includes reproductive mental health, early attachment, infant mental health and childhood mental health.​The capacity to facilitate meaningful connections for women and their children was not only pivotal to my work as a midwife, but in studying psychology. The long term effects of healthy attachment for children to a parent who is also well nurtured and supported is paramount to long term health for both. The implications of supporting this connection can be seen in the capacity for these children to form meaningful relationships later in life, for their own mental health. Essentially the help and support we give our families becomes the mental health and parenting legacy we leave those children with. ​

​My Goal
My goal is to ensure parents get the support they need from the beginning. Processing our own trauma, mental health issues, birth trauma, and helping ourselves enables us to be better parents. However, challenging times occur throughout the life of a family, not just at the threshold of parenthood.
My counselling services will also be tailored to help parents and children cope with other life challenges including : coping with challenging behaviour, recent or suspected diagnosis of special needs, loss, childhood trauma, divorce, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.
My Background I have always been inspired to contribute to my community. As a university student I was a volunteer for the McGill Sexual Assault Crisis Centre, and was a Co-ordinator for the Laurentian University Women's Centre. In addition to being a midwife in Vancouver I volunteered at the Aboriginal Mother's Centre Society, hoping to bridge a gap in accessibility to prenatal care I saw for aboriginal women in the downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Moving to the Comox Valley I offered talks to baby groups and Baby Fairs about midwifery. My passion for supporting families through pregnancy birth and postpartum evolved from my midwifery practice and I completed my MACP while working as a midwife and raising two kids. A surprising passion  for child and youth mental health emerged while I completed my practicum at CYMH in Campbell River and I am excited to be working with kids too. There I created support groups for kids with anxiety, helped kids who had suffered trauma abuse, kids with borderline personalities, ADHD, ASD and grief counselling.   I am now a private practice counsellor, still helping families, but get to spend a lot more better rested time with my own family. In my spare time I love being in nature, walking with my big dogs in the woods, writing and creating pretty much anything that will make my kids wonder or laugh.

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