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At this stage, you expected to be “all set”. You would have the love of your life, an exciting career, maybe children - or maybe travel - and comfortable living.

There would be time for yourself - to explore hobbies or engage in physical fitness - time to feel whole and replenished.

Instead, you are constantly on the go and feeling empty and depleted. You are trying your best, but you feel overwhelmed and stuck and cannot find that “joyful life” you once dreamed of.

You are not alone. This world places enormous stress on each of us, and it can be difficult to manage the stress while staying true to our unique voice. I acknowledge this stress in a kind, nonjudgmental space and offer tools to help quiet the noise, create a life structure supportive of your well-being and discover your authentic voice and path for joy and self-fulfillment.


What happened was so long ago you should be “over it.” At least, that’s what everyone tells you.

What happened in childhood stays in childhood, right?

Perhaps it’s a recent memory- witnessing a tragic accident, breaking up with your ‘life-long partner.”

When it all piles up, there may be depression or anxiety sitting on your shoulders. Trauma (whether Big T or little t) isn’t easily ignored. Even small traumas can get in the way of feeling whole and in sync with your authentic voice.


Are you tired of aching or hurting all the time? Tired of having your life revolve around your illness? Worried about whether you will ever feel better?

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to navigate pain and illness so that it doesn’t take hold of your entire life.


You’ve come to the right place. We can partner to get you living the life you want.

It’s not easy facing some of the things life throws at us. I have the knowledge and skill-set to help you set goals - and reach them. We will work through each difficulty together.


Something has inspired you to look for a new way forward.

I operate from a humanistic, strengths-based and holistic perspective. What this means for you is that we will draw on your inner strengths and resilience to achieve meaningful growth.

I have helped hundreds of people feel supported, connected and better equipped to move through their lives with confidence and clarity.

I help clients increase self-compassion, use mindfulness and feel empowered when navigating their challenges. Certified in Integrative Medicine for Mental Health, I use a holistic approach to wellness. My education includes:

Yale University (BA)
London School of Economics and Social Science (MSc)
University of Southern California (MSW)

I have seen people’s lives improve drastically through therapy. Clients have described me as “easy to talk to”, “perceptive”, “knowledgeable”, and “dedicated”. It’s time to invest in yourself! Please call for a free phone consultation at 310-971-4673.

I am conveniently located in Playa Vista at:

12777 W. Jefferson Blvd., Bldg D, Ste 300
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Please call at 310-971-4673 or email at for more information!

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