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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • 2950 Camino Diablo, Suite 310C, Walnut Creek, California, 94597
  • Phone: 925-482-6126
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  • Session Fees: Individual Session: $170, Couples Session: $200, Group Session: $65
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
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As a therapist my view is that therapy is the result of relationship building, establishing a genuine alliance with each other so you can make healthy choices. Being present-focused together in our therapy session, you are welcome to express yourself without judgment, without criticism, without worry. I support you by validating your lived experience, past and present. I empathize with your challenges and your impediments by seeing you and witnessing your struggles. By active listening I reflect what you share with me nudging you to consider areas of your life that you might be overlooking.
Through offering guidance to you, I propose questions that you choose to explore answers to. As a result, you are empowering yourself to disrupt the patterns that have interfered with your success and well-being. I accentuate your personal strengths, and I use them to affirm your sense of self. Most importantly, we are creating the necessary trust and safety essential for you to begin again.

I introduce to you new skills to practice as ways to manage triggers that may commonly arise related to family, friends, or work. This is part of the emotional effort that is incorporated in gaining awareness of your day-to-day existence. This way, you will be moving your life forward in the direction that is right for you.
I have a psychodynamic approach which helps you find more satisfaction and meaning in your life and in your relationships by exploring current and past situations, both of which you are aware of and/or not aware of. Understanding and healing come from the process of examining and talking through the challenging situations you have experienced and are experiencing. This way, you gain insight for yourself and understand how to proceed by making new decisions.  
I can support you with grief and loss. My approach to whether it is grieving the loss of a loved one or the loss of a relationship, I will support you and we will work together at a pace appropriate for you to first acknowledge your pain while working through the stages of grief and to learn ways to manage the familiar and unexpected emotions that are part of the loss. Also, I will be there for you to see that your grieving process is your own and unique to you.
If you are looking for help with managing your anxiety and stress, we will work together to first learn to identify the sources of each and then we will work together in coming up with a plan for taking care of yourself when you feel overwhelmed. Then we will explore your circumstances and examine your lived experience to better understand what other choices you have for taking care of yourself if you are often feeling anxious and stressed. 
Lastly, working together, you will begin to create new meaning in your life with the changes you make for yourself. 

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