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Welcome to you. I am so glad you are here!

I help clients:

v Feel safe to try counselling and less alone in what they are experiencing.

v Grow their ability to choose how they will react to triggers, rather than react instantaneously.

v Have coping skills so they feel less defeated and more resilient to life’s variables.

v Increase their ability to stop and challenge automatic, negative thoughts.

v Heal from past traumas or fears, so they no longer feel “stuck” in a time/place/mindset that is holding them back from their dreams.

v Decrease the impact of anxiety and stress on their life.

v Feel hope, joy, and life.

I may be the counsellor for you if you:

v Are scared to try counselling but want to heal.

v Desire to feel heard and understood, just where you are.

v If you are OK with laughter coming into sessions at times, allowing joy to infiltrate amidst the challenges.

v If you desire to have the core of who you are strengthened, and healing to be done within session.

Topics we might cover together are:

v Anxiety

v Depression

v Relationship Variables

v Past Traumas

v Communication

v Life Transitions

v Workplace Concerns

v Learning how to dream big and accomplish goals

v Challenging (unsticking) negative narratives (thoughts)

that keep clients, like you, feeling stuck

v ADHD and Coping Skills

v Overcoming Fears

v Other

EMDR Therapy:

I am passionate about EMDR therapy. This is one method I use in sessions. Clients have described EMDR with words like, “magical”, and I agree. I am in no way suggesting that it IS magic, however, that it brings an element of life to our sessions and healing for clients like you, that feels so special. It is a gentle therapy method, that helps quicken the pace at which we experience healing, bringing in a voice of strength, where negativity and weakness felt like they were going to always be. I look forward to introducing it to you when we connect. For more information about it, please visit my website at:

So, what are the next steps?

You send a message when you are ready to work with me and we find a 15-minute time slot in our schedules where we can meet by phone/video and discuss doing so. I support clients across Canada in many provinces via Video and Phone counselling.

I look forward to walking alongside of you in this season.

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