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  • Registered Psychologist
  • 104-2022 Cornwall St, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4P 2K5
  • Phone: 306-721-2064
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Thank you for reading my bio! I am a Registered Psychologist with an Authorized Practice Endorsement. I have nearly a decade of experience working with men, women, and youth with a variety of emotional and mental health concerns. My primary theoretical models are Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Reality Therapy/Choice Theory, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. For more information about my services, visit my website:
As a therapist, I understand that past and present struggles can have a significant influence on our ability to maintain ideal emotional and mental health. Therapy focuses on taking small steps on a daily basis that will lead to improved well-being over time. What we do today will chart the path of the future. My goal is to help you create a future filled with sustainable well-being and joy.
My counselling philosophy focuses on helping you become the authority in your life. I use many techniques that focus on cultivating self-knowledge and empowerment so that you can use your personal values and desires to establish your goals and achieve them! All of my work is client-centered and goal focused with an achievable end-result in mind. I also use objective outcomes measures with all clients to ensure that sessions are on track and moving in your desired direction.
I have worked with individuals impacted by trauma for many years. As such, I have become aware of the necessity of choice and empowerment for all of my clients. I cannot be the authority over anyone but myself- and the same is true for us all. As such, I honour each client’s individual beliefs, values, and desires as the road map to ideal outcomes in therapy.
I am warm and compassionate, and I am told that I am very easy to talk to. The counselling room is a safe space within which we can explore the many facets of you. Clients find themselves opening up to me about many issues that they have never discussed before and are often a little surprised at the ease with which this unfolds.
I offer secure, flexible e-counselling options for individuals who cannot attend face to face therapy due to illness or geography. Secure, video facilitated sessions can provide most of the benefits of face to face therapy! A computer or tablet with a webcam and a good internet connection are required. I also offer counselling via telephone as needed.

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