Frances Bryant-Scott, MSW, RSW, BCATR

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  • Registered Social Worker, Registered Art Therapist
  • 64 Government Street, Lower Suite, Victoria, British Columbia, V8V 2K3
  • Phone: 250-595-0405
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  • Session Fees: $150 for 60 minute individual session.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

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Frances Bryant-Scott, RSW, Counsellor and Professional Art Therapist 

 I help people who feel lost, overwhelmed or alone as they grieve a loss or navigate a major life transition. I offer a listening ear, a comfortable and creative space, and the opportunity to learn new ways to live.  You're most likely considering help because you feel like nothing you've tried on your own has worked. You may feel sad, unmotivated, or anxious about the changes you're going through, and wonder how it will be possible to feel any different. Your distress may be a matter of life stage or circumstance. You may find yourself at a crossroads, feeling like you have to make a change, but having no idea what. You may be living with your own or a loved one's illness or chronic condition, or getting burned out from your caregiving duties as a helping professional or a family member of someone who needs more of your time and energy than you feel you can give. Perhaps you struggle with unresolved grief or the anticipation of the death of someone close to you.

I work with adults to identify the pain or struggle in their lives, to learn what their habitual patterns of thought and behaviour are, and to express and act on their needs and values in a healthy, effective way. I come to this work with the knowledge and experience of training in Social Work, Personal and Group Counselling, Life Coaching, and Art Therapy. I have studied and worked in this field before and after raising children to young adulthood, and after working in areas as diverse as the arts and the construction trade. My varied life experiences help me to understand many situations and people in many walks of life. 

What to expect: 

  • If you choose to work with me as your coach or therapist, you will find me authentically warm, empathic, and understanding at a deep level. Both clients and friends describe me as being quiet but strong. Laughter (and a cup of tea) will also often be a part of our work together!
  • I may sometimes invite you to think about your problems in new or unfamiliar ways. This can be uncomfortable, but it will always be safe.
  • I will respect your goals and your boundaries, and always treat you as the worthy human being that you are.
  • We will work at a pace that respects your limits and feelings of safety, especially when dealing with issues of trauma.
  • You will have the choice to work on your issues through talking or using art materials or sand-tray images, or all three. 
  • I believe every person has the capacity to change, and that change is easier and more long-lasting with appropriate support. 

Where I practice:

In addition to my private practice, Open Hearth Studio, in the James Bay Neighbourhood at 64 Government St. (lower suite), I also contract my services to:

  • Victoria Hospice Society (Bereavement Group Facilitator)

I am registered with the B.C. College of Social Workers, and am the Past-President and current Recording Secretary of the B.C. Art Therapy Association and a professional member of the Canadian Art Therapy Association.

I  believe strongly in continuing my own growth and education through supervision and by participation in conferences, workshops, and courses in therapeutic techniques and theory. I feel that this ensures that I am working with the most update information and that my clients are receiving the best quality of care. 

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