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Grief Counsellor

Misha Gitberg, MA, RCC

Registered Clinical Counselor

2571-B Penrhyn st, Victoria, British Columbia

Whether it is a loss of friend, pet, spouse, innocence, country, ability- in the fast pace of our society we are often expected and pressured to move on, to function, to put ourselves together. Yet grieving the loss takes time and is such an important part of maturing as a person. I see many people in my practice who to their surprise are discovering in their late life that they still carry unresolved pain from childhood or early adulthood losses. In the spacious and attentive environment of therapist's office, we can begin to allow ourselves to fully grieve our losses, to move from a place of broken heart to heart-full wholeness.

Grief Counsellor

Corrinne Allyson, PhD

Registered Professional Counsellor

Cadboro Bay area, Victoria, British Columbia

Grief is a natural reaction to loss. The death of a family member, a pet, or even the end of a relationship can trigger the bereavement process. Grief counselling can help you deal with overwhelming feelings including sadness, anger, depression and guilt. Together we can talk about your loss and any unresolved issues in a way that is supportive and compassionate.

Grief Counsellor

Jennifer Cole, M.A., C.C.C.

Counselling, Coaching and Consulting

103 - 920 Hillside Ave, Victoria , British Columbia

Sometimes we find it difficult to fully grieve the person we love so much - we don't want to let go, because to let go feels like we will lose them forever. Grieving allows us to move back into life fully. We never forget we just come into a place of knowing the fullness of love in that relationship so that we can live life again and love again

Grief Counsellor

Marlene Brouwer, BA MTS Diplomate Analytic Psych

Jungian Analyst & Psychotherapist

#802, 1020 View Street, Victoria, BC, VICTORIA, British Columbia

The pain of loss comes in many forms, both tangible and intangible. Often there is not only loss of a specific person, situation, or matter, but also the pain of the loss of hopes, dreams, and visions for the future. How one deals with loss varies. One may become aggressive and angry, withdrawn and passive, or perhaps mask their depression as they carry on. Healing from the pain of loss and separation is a process. Through therapy, you will be helped to be with all your own feelings and meanings and to express them in a safe and confidential relationship. The therapeutic relationship gives essential support for choosing how you want to move on with your life.

Grief Counsellor

Twila Lavender, M.Couns, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

1080 Meares St, Victoria, British Columbia

The issue of grief and loss often centres around relationships but it can also involve your personal expectations, hopes and dreams. Sometimes grief and loss as a core issue can be apparent and sometimes it is more subtle. I will work with you to help identify where grief and loss may exist in your life and from there, we can develop strategies to help you attend to and manage it.

Grief Counsellor

Susan McConnell, MSW, RSW, RCC

Registered Clinical Counselor

221-560 Johnson Street, Victoria, British Columbia

We all know that grief and loss are a natural part of life. But we often find the feelings associated with grief overwhelming. Loss can be very difficult to accept and we have a tendency to try to avoid this very uncomfortable feeling, which can cause us a lot of pain. I work with people to support them as they move through experiencing their grief and loss and to come to a place where they can (re)discover joy and connection in their lives.

Grief Counsellor

Frances Bryant-Scott, MSW, RSW, BCATR

Registered Social Worker, Registered Art Therapist

64 Government Street, Lower Suite, Victoria, British Columbia

When we lose someone important to us, or even when we experience a major life change, we can feel as though we, too, are lost. We've been cast out into a world that feels wrong, or seems like it has no meaning at all. And yet loss and change, and the grief that comes with them, are an unavoidable part of being human. As an Art Therapist I can help you to find your way through grief. While many feelings are common (anger, guilt, sadness, apathy, anxiety and exhaustion for example) your reaction will still be unique. I can teach you how to use creativity to honour your past, release your pain, and reconnect to life again with meaning, energy, and yes, even with joy.

Grief Counsellor

Derek Martin, PhD

Canadian Certified Counsellor

1517 Amelia Street, Victoria, British Columbia

Painful losses may be a part of life, yet whether they just occurred or happened long ago, they always must be appropriately grieved. If not they can stop us in our tracks and halt all progress and growth. Grief work stops us because grief is an emotion that must be felt, and our feelings processed, before it lets us go. It is a great teacher because it requires us to know not only what was lost, but why it matters to us. It paradoxically teaches us who we are by showing us where we emotionally live. Because most of us come from cultures that have taught us to numb or run from emotional pain, counselling can be very helpful to show us how to move through it and move on.

Grief Counsellor

Maryse Neilson, MSW, RSW

Counsellor and Registered Social Worker

Cedar Hill/Saanich, Victoria, British Columbia

Grief and loss are both universal and unique experiences. We all experience them from time to time and the experience can be overwhelming and debilitating. I will help you understand that experiences inform us but do not define us - we can choose our path through grief and loss and leave it behind, changed but not broken or damaged. There is life in front of us to be lived and every experience we have is important and informative to who we become.

Grief Counsellor

Dorion Dellabough, M.Ed., RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

4350 Woodcrest Place, Victoria, British Columbia

If you are reading this description because you have recently suffered a loss, please know that I am deeply sympathetic to your pain. In therapy, my intent is to bear witness to your suffering, to ensure that your emotions are sorted through and given open expression, and then to help find meaning in what often seems a meaningless situation. I believe that grief is complicated, highly personal, and not responsive to formulas or prescribed methods of treatment. There is only an untread path, and I would be honoured to walk it with you.

Grief Counsellor

Dana Simard, MC, RCC, ATR, RYT (200)

Registered Clinical Counsellor

3025 Shakespeare St, Victoria, British Columbia

Grief is a deeply personal experience. I have found that grief can best be accompanied with compassion, gentleness, expression of loss, and the creation of a personalized ritual to assist in finding closure and peace. People greave in every culture, every religion, every walk of life. I am committed to meeting you wherever you may be in the grief process and joining you as you emerge through it to the other side. Contact me today for a free initial consultation.

Grief Counsellor

Tom Burton, CTA, RTC, MTC

Certified Transactional Analyst and Master Therapeutic Counsellor

1921 Fernwood Road, Unit 2, Victoria, British Columbia

Grief and loss is inevitable in life. All change, no matter how small or how large, involves moving through the grief process. Unfortunately, some people have not had secure attachment relationships to enable this natural process. When we haven't processed the normal developmental changes and losses in our lives, we find other means to overcome the loss such as numbing, obsessive behaviours, or anxiety and depression. Processing grief and loss requires a safe, skillful, dependable, reliable counsellor to help guide you through.

Grief Counsellor

Hannah Caradonna, MSW, RCSW, RCC

Registered Clinical Social Worker, Registered Clinical Counsellor

#318-1175 Cook St., Victoria, British Columbia

We grieve with each "goodbye" we say. Some losses hit us harder then others. Therapy can allow you to process, find some meaning in, and ultimately to make peace with the loss. The goal here is not to forgot about the loss but rather to make space in you to allow the loss to sit. This is an important distinction because everyone accumulates losses and we have to find a way to hold these losses with as much integrity as we can.

Compassionate Bereavement Services in Victoria, BC.

Thank you for visiting our British Columbia search of licensed grief specialists in Victoria.  Moving through grief after loss is difficult. Therapy helps through listening, by having someone there with you who understands the stages and process of grieving. You can find help for grief in Victoria right now, please contact a provider above, you can email 24/7.

Victoria is located in British Columbia, Canada. It has a land area of 19.47 square kilometers.  The population of Victoria is 85,792 people with 45,762 households . The population ranking for Victoria is #66 nationally and #14 for the province of British Columbia with a density of 4405.80 people per sq km. Victoria therapists serve postal code: V8W.