Leanna Callum, MSW, RSW

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Leanna is a passionate and down-to-earth therapist who is committed to collaborative relationships and creative solutions.  She approaches her work with curiosity, acceptance, and compassion.  Her strength-based positive approach to change is both effective and rewarding. 
Leanna's philosophical perspective is that people naturally strive for connection.  Counselling facilitates connection by providing supports and therapeutic opportunities for making change through emotional processing, psychological shifts, and practical skill building.  The process of connection-based counselling facilitates an increase in self- and relational awareness that leads to personal growth, and greater personal meaning and purpose in life and relationships.      
Leanna is a registered social worker with extensive psychotherapeutic training in the fields of individual, couple, and family therapy, social work, grief therapy, and art therapy. During her 15-year career, she has focused on how individuals are shaped by their cultures and families, how this influences their sense of wellness, and how they interact in key relationships.    
Leanna practices under the name of Limestone Counselling, Coaching & Consulting. The name “Limestone” represents how life changes. Some things fall away while others build up. Acceptance of this process and learning to live with these changes, instead of resisting change or trying to control it, allows us to functionally respond to change, live in the moment, and achieve a greater sense of peace and contentment with life. 

Limestone Counselling, Coaching & Consulting was created with the vision of providing support to encourage healthy individuals, families, and communities.  Services are provided to individuals, couples, families, and various professionals. 
Individual Counselling

- changing negative thought processes and core beliefs
- emotional processing
- dealing with challenging situations and life events
- grief and loss
- adjustment to change or transition
- self-awareness, identity, personal growth, development
- self-advocacy, assertiveness, communication
- life stage (young adults, new parents, sandwich generation, retirement)
- anxiety, depression
- disordered eating
- sleep management
- relational trauma and breakdown
- life balance (roles and self-care)
- processing blocks to reaching goals
- workplace relationships
- professional self-development
- challenging relationships
- self-care for caregivers
- parenting identity, step parenting
- healthy boundaries
- family of origin processing
- stress management

Couple Counselling

- healthy couple functioning
- commitment, premarital counselling
- effective and healthy communication

- collaborative conflict resolution
- increasing intimacy and connection
- past relationships impacting present relationships
- healthy relationship dissolution
- collaborative partnering
- collaborative parenting

Family Counselling

- healthy family functioning
- connection-based, engaged parenting
- increasing communication, connection, respect, and belonging
- collaborative parenting, family visioning
- parenting unique children
- eating disorders and family relationships
- adult extended family relationships
- blending families
- adoption integration
- attachment-based parenting
- grief and loss in the family

Coaching (personal and professional)

- co-parenting after separation
-  holding family, class, and team meetings
- performance coaching (athletics, professional)
- career and profession coaching
- mentoring and positive leadership (professionals, school staff)
- parent coaching

Consulting (schools, workplace, interdisciplinary teams)

- case assessment and psycho-education
- strength-based practices
- encouraging and valuing difference
- healthy school and workplace cultures

Clinical Supervision and Peer Consultation (MSW Students and RSW Professionals)

- professional development
- professional use of self
- positive professional leadership
- self-care
- process-based interventions
- transference, countertransference

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