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  • Licences Professional Counselor
  • 58 Griggs St N, Saint Paul, Minnesota, 55104
  • Phone: 651-600-4606
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  • Session Fees: Standard fee is $130 per session. I accept all HSA Accounts and I am a Preferred Provider for Health Partners & Preferred One. I am also covered by U Care.

My interactive style means that along with careful listening, I will ask questions, offer problem solving ideas, coping techniques, and education as fitting your situation. This creates a counseling session that is dynamic, collaborative and productive. Therapy helps you understand the challenges of life, discover new choices, and become the person you most want to be. 

Here are a few examples of how I can help in the following areas:

Grief/Loss - Often people going through loss feel isolated even when surrounded by family. We tend not to express the depth of our pain as a way of protecting our loved ones. I can handle hearing all your suffering. I will also teach you the stages of grief and explore your experience of each to help you understand the process of loss. Together we will create a plan for coping and eventually healing. 

Anxiety - Everyone experiences anxiety, but when it becomes so large that you're quality of life is diminished, it is time to get help.  Anxiety is exceptionally treatable. Help includes identifying and exploring your unique source of anxiety. We will monitor negative self-talk and learn to counter it with helpful, but realistic, thoughts. There are a host of other interventions we can tailor to your specific situation. 

Depression - I understand how hard it can be to just keep going. Relief from depression is possible.  Interventions include exploring the cause of your depression, countering negative self-talk which can be so destructive to our well-being, challenging beliefs formed in childhood, and more. 

Couples Counseling - All couples will experience conflict and reach a point of gridlock, but very few have been taught the skills to manage this normal challenge. I have extensive training in working with couples and enjoy helping both parties find their way through the difficulties. Therapy for couples often results in individual growth as well as increased togetherness in the relationship. 

Creating A Satisfying Life As A Single Person - Yes, it is possible! Despite the negative cultural view. Did you know almost half the American population is single? Higher than at any time in history. Living single does not mean giving up on finding a partner. It is about creating a meaningful life even while you are open to someone new (or not). I can help you find your way to a happier, more satisfying life. 

Pre-Marital Counseling - I am certified to administer the PREPARE/ENRICH survey to identify strength areas and growth areas of your relationship.  Pre-marital counseling helps create a sturdy foundation on which to base your marriage. It's also fun!

Continuing education is important to me. Here is a limited sample of my post-graduate education:
Trained with John Gottman, author of The Seven Principle for Making Marriage Work; 
Trained with Albert Ellis, founder of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; 
Trained with Bessel Van der Kolk, Expert on Trauma Treatment; Trained in LifeSpan Integration, a method for healing trauma; 
Certified as a Pre-Marital Counselor

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