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  • Master Therapeutic Counsellor
  • Nanaimo, British Columbia, V9V 1E5
  • Phone: 6046211279
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  • Session Fees: Individual fees: $110,- per hour, Couples are encouraged to book 1.5 hr sessions at the rate of $165,- to allow for both partners to participate

Monique's work with clients comes from a deep place of compassion and desire for people to live life well. Finding your true self, healing from wounds from the past and finding your way back on track where you once pictured your life to be matters. Creating space for yourself, accepting that you matter and that your life matters is an important part of doing life well. Give yourself the chance to enhance the quality of your life, feel better about your life and the relationships in it. Whether this pertains to daily life, work or educational life or family life, therapy can truly enhance your ability to deal with what you are facing. We often say "trust the process".
After completing her Bachelor's degree in counselling in Australia, Monique has completed her Masters Degree in Marriage and Family here in Canada. Post her MAMFT she engaged in many additional trainings in the trauma and couple therapy field. Continuing professional development, staying abreast with research relevant to therapy and consistently seeking consultation are efforts to offer quality therapy. The counselling approaches Monique draws from are effective and create lasting change by including the body, the brain, the eyes, emotions and our thoughts. 
When it comes to the treatment of trauma, it matters that all aspects of being human are considered. Trauma often impacts our body and brain connection, leaving us disconnected from our feelings and often from those close to us and the outside world. You may think "its too much hassle", "don't have time to deal with my stuff, I still have to function", yet we know that whether you choose to deal with it or not, it influences your life. 
Monique has developed a trauma approach called T.R.I.P, which combines the following therapies:
  • OEI (observational and experiential integration)
  • Somatic Experiencing/Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • Attachment Theory
  • Internal Family Systems

If you have concerns about your relationship, don't wait till it gets worse. Often relational wounds deepen over time and don't "just go away". With the help of understanding the cycles and patterns we get into, we can learn to connect with some of our more vulnerable needs and feelings. Learning to communicate these honestly to ourselves and our partners matters. Couples Counselling is done from an Emotionally Focused Therapy lens, as well as the Gottman approach.
Overall, I encourage you to consider therapy because you (and your relationships) matter 

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