Andrea Rawson, RSW, MDiv

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Life can be unexpectedly difficult: an unwanted diagnosis, a sudden loss, a ruptured relationship, a child struggling.

 For more than 10 years it has been my privilege to...
  • walk with people through difficult times
  • provide individual, couple, and family therapy
  • work with families touched by medical concerns, disabilities, special needs, emotional issues and the everyday stresses of family life
  • help people with their most precious relationships

The therapeutic approach I use is....
  • flexible, non-judgemental, gentle and collaborative
  • based on the belief that everyone has unique, inherent strengths and resiliency
  • problems are complex and need different perspectives to overcome them
  • the smallest change can have big effects on your well being

Through therapy, discover....
  • a place to talk about the complexities of life
  • overwhelming negative emotions can be dealt with
  • couples can grow closer together
  • families moving from surviving to thriving
  • face difficult situations with flexibility and resiliency
  • even in the midst of despair, hope can be restored

Offices in North York and Etobicoke

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