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Anger Therapist

Erin Griffin, MA, CCC, RP

Registered Psychotherapist, Art Therapist

141 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, Ontario

Anger management is not simply about having a temper, and there are many factors that lead to your anger getting out of control. When this begins to take a toll on your relationships at home and at work, as well as general functioning, it's time to speak to someone. Anger management is about unpacking the myriad of emotions and triggers associated with a constant, high level of anger and irritability. It also means learning how to identify when your anger is getting out of control and finding better coping strategies.

Anger Therapist

Robert T. Muller, Ph.D., C.Psych.

Clinical Psychologist

114 Maitland Street, Toronto, Ontario

People come for psychotherapy to my downtown Toronto practice in order to help them manage feelings of extreme anger and other painful emotions, as well as difficulties being able to be assertive without become excessively aggressive. Sometimes these psychological challenges are recent developments, but sometimes they represent lifelong struggles coping with difficult feelings.

Anger Therapist

Matt Cahill, RP

Registered Psychotherapist

#210-260 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

Anger, to quote Johnny Rotten, is an energy. It can be messy. And, in some circumstances, regrettably, violent. It can be a source of shame to witness it in the wild. And yet, it is very human, and not all displays of anger should be construed as necessarily destructive. Unpacking anger, unwinding its power, can be a way for us to better understand where it comes from, and to accept appropriate forms of anger in the future

Anger Therapist

Jaime Saibil, M.A.

Registered Psychotherapist & Cognitive behavioural therapist

180 Bloor street west, Toronto, Ontario

The use of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is something that many anger management therapies incorporate. By trying to get a patient to open up about their emotions and feelings and being driven to accomplish a specific task (in this case controlling anger), a person can see positive results in their behaviour. By slowing down our thoughts, we can catch ourselves when anger presents itself and choose an alternate course of action, more in line with our goals.

Anger Therapist

Allan Findlay, MSW, RSW

Registered Clinical Social Worker, Certified EFT Couple and Family Therapist

110 Eglinton Ave W. Suite 303E, Toronto, Ontario

Almost all couples quarrel from time to time. Sometimes one or both have anger that is out of control. Respectful quarrelling is a normal part of all relationships. It helps us understand different viewpoints and negotiate a compromise. Knowing how to resolve differences calmly without hurting your partner’s feelings, is a critical skill for a satisfying long lasting relationship. I will help you take the first step to learning how to how to de-escalate disrespectful conflict. Each of you will learn about what your partners cue is that triggers you and calm yourself and know how not to trigger your partner. Learning to stop your negative pattern you will become partners and stay connected.

Anger Therapist

Julia Balaisis, Ph. D


168 Annette Street, Toronto, CANADA

Anger may just be the tip of the ice-berg to what we are experiencing. There may be massive hidden hurt, loss and grief. While there are practical strategies for dealing with anger, which I introduce and apply, there is much that anger has to teach us and help us in our daily functioning if we effectively access its energy. I help clients learn how to channel this powerful energy for their best interests and use.

Anger Therapist

Ingrid Dresher, RP, MSc(hon)

Registered Psychotherapist (College of Psychotherapists of Ontario)

Toronto West, Ontario

Anger is a primary feeling that signals when we perceive that our boundaries are crossed. It is a normal, healthy response that cannot be avoided in relationships. Like a compass, it gives us direction in relating to those around us. For best outcomes, it is essential to learn to deal with our anger using productive and mindful strategies. The healthy expression of anger is not hurtful, aggressive or repressed. Rather, it can be used to deal with conflict and set the parameters for negotiating in healthy ways, making room for everyone’s needs.

Anger Therapist

Mitra Gholamain, Ph.D. C. Psych

Registered Psychologist

1300 Yonge Street, Suite 407, Toronto, Ontario

Anger is a natural human emotion, however if it is expressed impulsively, it can have a detrimental effect on relationships. Anger can be triggered in a variety of interpersonal contexts and it may have different underlying causes. Sometimes you might become angry because you might feel humiliated or personally attacked. On other occasions, anger might be precipitated by loss of control and an internal feeling of anxiety and inner turmoil. Therapy could help promote your self awareness of such triggers and learn strategies to expand your capacity to cope with interpersonal conflicts in an more effective way.

Anger Therapist

Robin Long, C.A., M.Ed.

Masters in Counselling Psychology

1504 Yonge St. 3rd floor, Toronto, Ontario

Repressed feelings have this annoying habit of not staying repressed. Our underlying emotions often surface at inappropriate times and/or in disguise. The inability to be "in charge" of our anger is often simply difficulty in dealing with these underlying emotions that have been left unaddressed. Anger management is not simply about self-control. What we want to do is alter our internal experiences so that we do not experience the feelings of angst and frustration in the first place. To do so, we need to stop judging our behaviour and ourselves. We need to start acknowledging the reality of situations and focus on dealing with these circumstances in a more constructive manner.

Anger Therapist

Mitch Smolkin, M.A., Counselling Psychology

Psychotherapist and Couples Counsellor

208 St Clair Ave West Suite #2, Toronto, Ontario

Clients who have a hard time managing anger that interferes with daily life and/or relationships, stand to gain a lot from turning their attention towards how to better understand this experience. Difficulty with anger is very widespread, and no one should feel ashamed for not knowing how to control it. The first step is examining in a safe environment what is actually happening. What steps lead to getting angry and what else contributes to it. Clients will benefit from a much richer appreciation for the sequence of anger and the deep and very personal feelings that underly the experience. Benefits include reduced stress, closer relationships, and more control of life situations.

Anger Therapist

Dharshini Chanderbhan, BSc., M.A, RP

Registered Psychotherapist

2 Bloor Street E., Suite 3500, Toronto, Ontario

Chanderbhan Counselling Services provides Personal, Court Approved, and Corporate Anger Management programs. Whether you are seeking anger management for personal growth, employment purposes or for court-related matters, we structure your anger management sessions according to your unique story, which includes both psycho-educational material as well as individual counselling. Each one hour session is one-one-one with one of our Masters level therapists. Once the sessions are complete, a Letter of Completion will be provided for court or work mandated purposes.

Anger Therapist

Michael Sa'd, M.S.W., R.S.W.

Registered Social Worker, Therapist, Counsellor

386 Huron Street, Toronto, Ontario

Most people believe that anger is a negative emotion that should not be expressed. My approach is to help a client understand their anger triggers and patterns. While working together, I help the client understand the negative and positive aspects of their anger and help them learn how to diffuse their anger through managing stress and conflict management strategies. My goals are to help you learn how to effectively assert yourself, work towards self-forgiveness and developing healthy relationships.

Anger Therapist

Mary Fulford-Winsor, Registered Psychotherapist

Registered Psychotherapist-Individuals and Couples/Marriage Counselling

120 Carlton Suite 413 (Cabbagetown/Downtown area), Toronto, Ontario

Anger is one of the many ways that we communicate to ourselves and others: it is power,it is passion and it is pain. Unfortunately,in its' expression,it often drives people away and then we are alone and have no one to communicate our feelings to.Sometimes this makes us even more angry and we turn that upset inwards against ourselves or outwards at random things,strangers and loved ones.Fortunately,we can find out what is underneath that anger and learn new ways of expressing it.Together we will look at what fuels the cycles that you find yourself caught in.Anger doesn't have to be the end of relationships:the feelings underneath, when expressed differently,can lead to a whole new closeness.

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