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Val Kendall, Ph.D., M.A., Dip. Ed., C.C.C.
Couples Counsellor

Val Kendall, Ph.D., M.A., Dip. Ed., C.C.C.

Registered Psychologist

The Healing Space, 1407 10St. SW,, Calgary, Alberta T2R 1E7 | 403 278 7305

Dr. Val helps couples appreciate what they've got that's going well, and do more of that, but also, what's pulling couples apart? How realistic are the childhood dreams you had for expecting a knight in shining armour or a princess so divine. Dr. Val helps couples to love the unlovable, realize that the human race is fallible, define for themselves what is really love and how they can communicate that to their partner and why it's worth the effort.

Marco Milani, MA Psychology
Couples Counselor

Marco Milani, MA Psychology

Registered Counselor

Available for Online Therapy

Very often people living together still miss love, intimacy and affection for a variety of reasons: stress, career goals, lack of trust, inability to communicate. In other cases, couples long for the feeling and harmony they experienced when they first met, and they complain that the chemistry in their relationship has changed - perhaps - irreparably. My counseling highlights the importance of IMAGINATION and CHANGE. Talking to each other is useless unless people make an effort to project themselves together into the future as two changing entities. Learning how to dream together as two dynamic individuals is vital to building a relationship that accepts and wins the challenges of life.

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