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Christian Counsellor

Mary Manson, BA., BEd., M.A., M.T.S., C.C.P.A.


Within driving distance of Grand Valley

While my Masters in Counselling Psychology has equipped me with the skills to be a therapist, my Masters in Christian Studies has equipped me with a thorough understanding of Christian theology. What I do is anchored on a reliable Christian foundation... which is appropriate since the Bible is full of truths upon which the counselling profession is built. For example, Solomon was the original cognitive 'mindset' therapist when he said "As we think, so are we." Bible based truths offer powerful insights into freedom, joy and redemption. I can help you rebuild whatever is falling apart in your life. God has designed us that way... with the capacity to heal and to live abundantly.

Christian Counselor

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

At Home or Private Discreet Intensives

While most Christian Counselors pride themselves on how many Scriptural passages they can recite and how many links they can make from the Bible to psychological disorders, the Christian-centric work of Grey Matters International, grounded in one principle: truth. For us, the work is more about truth and transparency of Christ's message and working on the natural laws of accountability and decision making that evolves from that. If one honors God's natural laws of reaping and sowing around the decisions one makes, one is indeed living Scripture to its fullest. We prepare the brain to better maximize the spiritual realities of Christ's words. Contact

Christian Counsellor

The Family Enhancement Centre, MSW

We are counselling practice of Registered Social Workers, Family Counsellors, Marriage Counsellors, Play Therapists

Within driving distance of Grand Valley

The Family Enhancement Centre offers Christian Counselling for individuals, married couples, nuclear and blended families in Brampton, Mississauga, Niagara Falls and Orangeville. The service is available in areas of trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, abuse, addictions and relationships. Christian counsellors at The Family Enhancement Centre seek God’s wisdom in His Holy Scriptures to bring hope, healing, spiritual well being and positive change while using skills and techniques that are clinically sound. Call us today to know more about how we can help you.

Christian Counsellor

Esther Allison, R.P. (Qualifying), M.A.

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Within driving distance of Grand Valley

As a Christian myself, I understand the importance of finding a counsellor who understands and supports you in your faith and value system. I also know there are times when challenges, stress and grief can leave us feeling disappointed and even angry with God. Regardless of where you are at in your faith journey, I can support you in processing your concerns within a context that honours and respects your faith.

Christian Counsellor

Janeen Weatherhead, RP, CCC

Registered Psychotherapist & Canadian Certified Counsellor

Within driving distance of Grand Valley

Have you ever struggled with the Word of God? Have you ever walked on the fence in your faith? Have you ever been really pissed off at God? Have you ever been disappointed in your fellow Christian, your Pastor, Congregation? Have you ever struggled with the shame attached to "sinful" behaviours? Or telling anyone about that "sinful" thing you do? Are you just needing someone to get it and be real with you about how hard it can be walking a life of commitment to Christ? Do you need a support system? Let me be that support for you! My counselling education was shaped through a Christian & multi-faith perspective, deeply rooted in a spiritually integrated counselling approach. God Bless.

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Thank you for visiting our Ontario search of licensed Christian therapists in Grand Valley who are committed to using Biblical based principles in their sessions with you. A licensed therapist has a minimum of a masters degree in counseling, and having the right therapist who respects and embraces your Christian beliefs is a great step forward in finding the proper help.  Counselling that is grounded in the Bible seeks to respect your spiritual walk and and uphold the values you cherish. Speak with a Christian therapist in Grand Valley, Ontario today, contact forms are "open" 24/7.

Grand Valley is located in Ontario, Canada. It has a land area of 158.23 square kilometers.  The population of Grand Valley is 2,956 people with 1,106 households . The population ranking for Grand Valley is #1032 nationally and #273 for the province of Ontario with a density of 18.70 people per sq km. Grand Valley therapists serve postal code: L0N.