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As a Registered Clinical Counsellor (BCACC #12101), my training is in Marriage & Family Therapy (M.A.-M.F.T., Trinity Western University) and also in pastoral ministry and theology (M.Div., Regent College). I have been counselling individuals, youth, and their families since 1998, as a pastor; and I have engaged clinical counselling with people of all walks of life, culture, religion, sexual or spiritual orientation, as well as singles, couples, divorced, and those of complex family backgrounds, since 2013. My desire is to work with people wherever they are and help them shift towards where they want to be.  
My understanding of us as persons is that there is often more stirring beneath our experience of distress - whether it be relational pain, trauma, unmet expectations, loss, or deep yearnings - and that these can sometimes be overwhelming. I believe that people, no matter their background or experiences, have the capacity to grow and heal. Thus my vision is that all who step into my office experience a sacred space in which they can learn more about themselves, their wounds as well as strengths, and how these impact them and their relationships.  And, most of all, be empowered to engage their journey of renewal, healing, and growth; be empowered to change. I have deep respect for those who are willing to engage in this process, for their courage and wisdom.
The journey of healing, love, and change can be fulfilling AND it can also be difficult and painful.  But when this journey is chosen there is the possibility of movement and the hope for renewal and change. Hope for every person, couple, and family. Renewal and healing of relationships, heart, and soul. I invite you to engage this journey with me; it would be an honour to support you in this process. 

With best wishes for your journey.
My areas of specialization include: marital/couple therapy; family therapy; depression, anxiety, grief & loss, trauma, including developmental trauma; MVA recovery; premarital counselling; affect regulation; and mindfulness parenting, among others.
My therapeutic approaches include: Emotionally Focused Therapy; mindfulness based on neuroscience; sensorimotor approaches to therapy; Satir family therapy; narrative therapy; cognitive-behavioral therapy; and various forms of play therapy (for young and old alike). 
A unique qualification I have is that I am bilingual and bi-cultural as a native English speaker and a competent Korean speaker.  

My office hours are: Tuesday afternoon and evening; Thursday evening; Saturday afternoon.
Phone: 604-340-1892 

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