Denita Benyshek, Ph.D., M.F.A., LMHCA

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  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate
  • 7650 SE 27th ST, Suite 503, Mercer Island, Washington, 98040
  • Phone: 206-588-5278
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  • Session Fees: Children over age 10 & most adolescents: 50 mins., $150/hr. Adults/couples: 80 mins., $225, or 50 mins., $150.

Heal and Grow!
Congratulations! Entering counseling is a sign of strength, an expression of your desire for change, and a commitment to your own health and well-being. If you seek happiness, love, contentment, a sense of peace and calm, and a feeling of success, then I encourage you to contact me. During individual psychotherapy, I will give you deep, nonjudgmental caring and passionate support.
I usually work with educated professionals, as well as intellectually gifted, artistically talented, and/or creative adults and adolescents. My clients are often from multicultural or immigrant backgrounds, struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse, or patterns leftover from dysfunctional childhood families. I can help you: lessen chronic pain; achieve optimal post divorce adjustment; overcome infidelity; strengthen self-esteem; adjust to a new community; resume your career after leaving workforce to care for young children; resolve difficulties associated with being intellectually gifted, creative, and/or talented; identify distressing triggers; transform negative thought patterns; and practice self-soothing techniques. 
I use research-proven neurological/psychological techniques that integrate thoughts, body sensations, memories, and emotions. Clients report being more organized, productive, assertive, action-oriented, joyful, creative, and energetic, with improved sleep, greater problem solving skills, less depression and anxiety, better relationships, and enhanced communication.
A therapy dog (miniature poodle) will welcome you with a  wagging tail, genuine concern, and furry affection.


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