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I graduated from the University of Calgary in 1988 with an Honours Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I worked with troubled children and adolescents after that in a receiving and assessment home. I also worked in schools to help troubled children adjust when they transferred schools. In 1990 I went back to the University of Calgary to obtain my Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology. I specialized in marriage and family counselling at that time. In 1992 I went to work for Mental Health Services in a small town in Central Alberta. Learning about psychiatric diagnoses and treatment for children, adolescents and adults was useful, but my passion was for therapy so I left that work in 1994 and moved to Dawson Creek to be an individual, couple and family counsellor for a family service agency. During that time I started working with the local Alcohol and Drug services staff and loved that field, so I made a move to work for them when an opportunity arose. Although I loved Dawson Creek and its people in many ways, after living there for three years I longed for a warmer and busier lifestyle. 

I moved to the Lower Mainland and worked at first for a trauma counselling service for children who were referred through the Ministry for Children and Families. I mostly provided art and play expression as treatment for their concerns. After more than a year in that agency I was offered a coordinator position in addictions counselling service in New Westminster. Then I worked for a short time in a residential treatment centre for addictions. I quickly realized that although that is important and powerful work, it did not allow me the freedom to tailor my work to individuals the way that I liked. As a result I moved on to an addictions outpatient clinic on the North Shore. I was there for several years. During that time I worked with seniors who have addictions, problem gamblers, and worked as the agency clinical coordinator. I trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and clinical hypnosis during that time, which was from 1999-2003. 

In 2003 I had some family and personal crises that pushed me to search further to understand my purpose and the best ways for people to heal. I trained in Chi Kung (Chinese medicine through meditation, movement and massage) with Master Mantak Chia in Thailand and became a certified Universal Healing Tao instructor and practitioner. 

Today I provide service to all types of people and draw upon my diverse background to provide holistic treatment in the most efficient and effective ways that I can. I am very grateful to all those who have helped me to grow and learn along the way. I hope I can inspire you to grow and learn too. My approach was originally Adlerian, Gestalt and Taoist and in many ways that is still true. But my current practice is more of a reflection of me and how those therapies and philosophies are reflected in me. I mostly try to be authentic and transparent and respectful and then see what happens from there. Some people want talk therapy,  while others want things like EMDR or Chi Kung. I don't force anything on anyone. I offer and explain why I am offering and then respect people's right to choose what they want. At this point in my career I feel like I can adapt my skill set to the person rather than trying to force the person to adapt to my approach. 

Doug also offers a revolutionary new approach that he and Grandmaster Mantak Chia created. The new approach is called Taoist Emotional Recycling. It is a powerful self-healing tool that most anyone can learn and apply after a couple of sessions. You can use it to improve your health on all levels and heal the wounds, urges and blockages that hold you back from achieving what you really want in life. Doug can teach this amazing approach to individuals, couples and groups. Contact Doug to learn more. Watch for the book that Doug and Master Chia wrote, Taoist Emotional Recycling, coming soon to a bookstore near you.

Doug is pleased to introduce a whole new approach to treatment of addictions, chronic pain and chronic illness. Comprehensive and tailored programs that draw from his varied skillset are now being offered at Full Circle Healing to one person at a time instead of a person attending a set program with other people. The content and duration of each person's treatment program is therefore negotiable. Please feel free to contact Doug to find out more about this new and exciting approach.

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