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I work online with individuals and groups internationally and can meet in person if online is not an option. Areas I work on with clients include relationship help, such as problem resolution for partners and premarital discussions; help with anxiety, trauma, and PTSD; and work around anger and depression. I also assist clients with career changes and work-related challenges. My work with my diverse clientele is informed by their spiritual interests, beliefs, and practices, and their desire for growth and change. Techniques I use with clients include mindfulness meditation, guided visualization, and approaches drawn from shamanistic, Sufi, and mystical traditions.


For more than ten years, I've worked with a wide variety of clients, many of whom are millennials (roughly, people in their 20s and 30s) from a wide variety of backgrounds - including immigrants, people of color, and clients with diverse sexual orientations. 


I am a third-generation Shamanic healer, born in 1969 to a Jewish family in Tehran. Along with nearly all of Iran's Jewish people, we fled the Islamic revolution in 1979 - first to London, then to Los Angeles. I attended UCLA, then went to John F. Kennedy University and Saybrook University in the Bay Area.

I connect online with clients from all over. My clients tend to share a strong spiritual orientation, and spirituality informs all of my work with them. Many of them identify as introverts and highly sensitive people. They include managers and executives in large organizations, start-up founders, social entrepreneurs, and other change agents.


Problem areas that we address together include relationship challenges - including premarital discussions, marriage help, and work with partnered couples; inner work, including help with anxiety, trauma, and PTSD; and work around anger and depression. New clients often reach out to me when they are experiencing a spiritual or existential awakening or crisis. 

Most of my clients come to me with specific problems, but they also seek growth and change. After addressing inner peace and relationship issues, our work often evolves to include career and leadership challenges. Many of my clients make career changes, including lawyers seeking a new career. Some are artists or performers, or enter these fields during our work together. Many of my clients make great progress in their careers after beginning work with me.
 I use a variety of techniques with clients, drawn from my own life experience, formal education, and years of seeking after wisdom. Specific techniques I employ include mindfulness meditation, guided visualization, fire talks, and approaches drawn from shamanistic, Sufi, and mystical traditions. From the West, I draw on my doctoral work on transpersonal psychology, liberation psychology, and Jung's teachings around the collective unconscious.
My work with clients begins with a free, initial half-hour discussion. During this time, clients describe to me what they are looking for, and we decide whether and how to begin working together. I also refer clients to various specialists on a range of issues, including issues around race, gender identity, anger management, and addiction. 
As a Highly Sensitive Person, and an introvert, myself, I recognize that we live in a culture where sensitivity and being gifted are not well understood. Also, given my background as a child survivor of war, I have lived through a national crisis that in many ways resembles the current coronavirus pandemic. The combination of being an HSP and a trauma survivor informs me as to how a highly sensitive person manages this kind of catastrophic life event. Thankfully, my 25+ years as a healer, allows me to assist people through the current situation with competence, care and compassion.
We help heal trauma, and we support people during challenging states such as a spiritual awakening.
Services we offer to help alleviate stress:
  • Spiritually integrated trauma healing
  • Shamanic healing
  • Therapeutic touch
  • Stress management
  • Anger management  

 With a solid background in spirituality and a doctoral degree in psychology, working with Dr. Ellie can be the right approach if you are highly sensitive, intuitive, and creative. Being sensitive and creative means you have certain needs and gifts that need to be acknowledged and addressed, especially during this time of crisis. Working with a highly sensitive and spiritually oriented practitioner can make all the difference. 


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