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  • RN, Psychotherapist
  • 549 George St. N., Peterborough, Ontario, K9H 3R6
  • Phone: 7058686261
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  • Session Fees: $150-175 p/hr (individual sessions with an associate) $225 p/hr (individual sessions with Sheena) $275 p/hr (couples counselling & family counselling )

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Welcome, welcome, welcome. I am thrilled you’re here.
I help people and couples like you who are experiencing change and challenges in their lives to restore, renew and recover their confidence, wellbeing, and resilience.
I have a vibrant and diverse psychotherapy practice that is as vibrant and diverse as my nursing psychotherapy experience.
I am an RN, Psychotherapist with 20 yrs of clinical mental health experience and continuing education in working with youth and adults experiencing
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • burnout
  • effects of learning disabilities/ADHD
  • shame
  • grief
  • matters relating to identity (gender and sexuality) *I was the first RN to be a second assessor for gender-affirming surgery in Ontario and continue to provide this service in my private practice*
  • post-partum depression and anxiety
  • interpersonal and relationship issues common to couples 

My full scope primary care RN experience has blessed me with extensive experience in working, supporting, and counseling parents who need help in the areas of
  • parenting adjustment 
  • step-parenting adjustment
  • parenting multiples
  • children or youth diagnosed with ADHD/LD
  • children or youth diagnosed with a mental illness, medical condition, or terminal illness
With my extensive healthcare background, my practice is uniquely suited to the specific mental health concerns and wellbeing challenges of
  • nurses
  • doctors
  • first responders,
  • allied health professionals

I am married to another health care professional and doubly understand the effects of burnout on ourselves, our family, and our lives.
After graduating ‘with distinction’ with a Master’s Degree in Leadership in 2018, the last few years of my psychotherapy practice expanded to include working with those in mid- to C-suite management and leadership positions to address their individualized personal and professional mental health and wellbeing challenges.
Managers and leaders carry a heavy weight of responsibility; psychotherapy helps to ease the effects of this weight.
My clients have described me as
  • compassionate
  • approachable
  • knowledgeable
  • patient
  • authentic
  • humorous 
  • dedicated
Engaging in sessions with me will help you to better understand what is holding you back from experiencing a healthy and happy life or partnership/marriage.
You will be invited to learn, and practice personalized strategies that will support your ability to better manage your reactions, and symptoms and improve your relationships with family, friends, and of course, yourself.
Psychotherapy is for you if...
  • Your relationships are strained
  • You're experiencing a loss of motivation
  • You feel like you’ve lost control
  • You are experiencing a significant change (job loss, new baby, adoption, parenting, going to school, new career, divorce)
  • A loved one has died
  • You or your partner have a chronic illness
  • You don’t feel like you know yourself anymore
  • Your family, friends, or colleagues have suggested you “need to talk to someone”
  • You get angry and irritated easily or more easily than before
  • You’ve lost sight of what you want or need
  • Your sleep is disrupted
  • You feel stuck
Psychotherapy with me is for you if…
  • You are ready to talk
  • You like humour in your conversations
  • You enjoy authentic people
  • You want someone to consider your life from a whole-person perspective
  • You want to try to help yourself
  • You want to make your relationships better
  • You are committed to yourself and your partnership/marriage
  • You would like a personalized process

If this is you and you are ready to begin psychotherapy AND begin psychotherapy with me, please click on the contact button to get started.  
I am excited to begin working with you!

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