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Anger Management

Kristen Jacobsen, MA, LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor / Therapist

3166 N. Lincoln Ave, Suite 207, Chicago, IL 60657

Most people who have difficulty managing their anger have unintentionally allowed it to build up over years and years. If this pain is not alleviated, it builds and builds until it is expressed in a verbally or physically violent outburst. Just as a volcano fills with hot lava and erupts unexpectedly, a person's anger is released in a similar phenomenon. I can help you process these emotions and channel them in a more productive manner so that you can live a healthier, happier life.

Anger Management

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

Grey Matters International and the work of Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D approaches issues of anger management in a very humane yet fresh perspective. You see, anger is a normal emotion but it is the valence (intensity) as well as the coupling choice of what one does with this that is the problem. Telling someone to "not" do it or modifying behavior with a trite psychological plan that only breeds a compliant response is not the way to change anger. Brainwave optimization is a new cutting edge technology that allows one to rewire circuitry responsible for reactivity driving the anger. Contact Grey Matters International, Inc now at or 877-606-6161.

Anger Management

Stephan Gombis, MSMFT, LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

221 e Cullerton st. Unit 101A, Chicago, IL 60616

Many people come into my office saying, "I can understand why I get so angry about small stuff." The truth is, we rarely get angry about the small stuff, we only think we do. Imagine yourself like an empty cup. And each time you get frustrated by something small, you're cup takes on a few more drops of water. Pretty soon your cup is full and you're only one small drop away from tipping. So it's not just about the last small drop, it's about how we managed all the drops that came before it too. But keeping our cup of frustrations empty or at least well managed, requires improving how we face our challenges. Avoiding–in the end–only makes matters worse. So give us a call we'd love help.

Anger Management

Jens Hussey, LCPC, CADC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor & Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor

25 East Washington St. , Suite 1719, Chicago, IL 60602

As a society we tell people they shouldn't be angry. But anger is a hard-wired emotion that's part of our physical and emotional make-up. What we do with that anger however is another thing altogether. Many people with anger management issues, or people who feel overwhelmed or engulf by their anger, come to therapy feeling lost as to how to handle what they are experiencing and regret the aftermath of their "anger management." I will help you understand the deeper meanings and anchors to your anger so that instead of fearing it, mis-using it, or snuffing it out with addiction, you will be able to process and understand it in a healthy manner.

Anger Management

Portrait Health Centers, Chicago, IL

Psychologists/Counselors/Dietitians/Psychological Testing

500 N. Michigan, Avenue, Suite 1530, Chicago, IL 60611

Occasional anger is a normal part of life. When expressed appropriately anger can be both therapeutic and helpful. However, when anger is expressed inappropriately or with great intensity it can become very destructive to one's relationships or one's self. When this happens it may be very helpful to consult a therapist with skill in dealing with anger management problems. At Portrait Health Centers, therapy can greatly benefit the person seeking treatment for anger management.

Anger Management

Joyce Marter, MA, LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

180 N. Michigan Ave. Ste 410, Chicago, IL 60601

Urban Balance’s anger management classes use a curriculum that teaches participants effective communication, listening techniques, stress management, empathy development, sound judgment, impulse control, anger reduction & regulation techniques, forgiveness skills, etc. This class is ideal for individuals who have been having problems managing their anger personally, professionally or in traffic or daily living. UB’s classes meet the requirements for those who have been court mandated to receive anger management counseling.

Anger Management

Mark D. Parisi, Psy.D. and Associates, P.C.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist / Company President

Mark D. Parisi, Psy.D.& Associates, P.C. offers anger management counseling and education. Our approach to treating anger is to help our clients understand this complex human emotion and to identify the unique triggers that set off their anger. We help to develop coping skills and work on techniques to diffuse anger before it leads to blow outs. Our approach combines education, counseling, and, where appropriate, medication management - all available on-site within our clinic.

Anger Management

James McClymonds, Psy.D., HSPP

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

55 East Monroe Street, Suite 3800, Chicago, IL 60603

While anger is a natural emotion which everyone feels now and then, it can be very destructive when it gets out of control. When that happens, it can easily take a toll on you and those around you, leading to relationship problems, employment problems, and legal problems. The good news is that anger management therapy is a very effective way of getting greater control over your anger. When you see me for anger management therapy, we will identify events contributing to your anger and create a plan together to cope with the anger so that you remain in control. Give me a call today for a free consultation and we can put together a preliminary plan over the telephone.

Anger Management

Melissa Sanchez, LCPC, BC-DMT

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist

155 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 603, Chicago, IL 60601

Anger management plays a large role in many concerns that bring people to therapy. Anger often gets a bad rap in society and is misunderstood as a "bad" emotion. I work with people to understand that anger is a sign of feeling violated and/or sensing that something within our experience is not OK and difficult to accept. Once we can decipher what is truly happening, I work with people to practice recognizing the signs of worsening anger, the often co-occuring emotional states such as depression and fear, and practice management techniques that are helpful in the moment as well as to prevent increasing moments of anger, rage or irritation.

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