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Depression Counsellor

Amanda Telford, MSW, RSW

Registered Social Worker

120 Terence Matthews Crescent , Kanata, Ontario

I am able to help you with your depression by helping you understand your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and physical symptoms and how they relate to your depression. I help you develop new ways of thinking, perceiving, and behaving in order to relieve the symptoms of depression. Using collaborative approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Mindfulness, and Solution Focused Therapy, we work together to define your goals. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy are very structured and skills building approaches to treating depression, and require homework and practice to be done between sessions.

Depression Counselor

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

At Home or Private Discreet Intensives

Grey Matters International, Inc. and the work of Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D. handles depression and other emotional disorders in a very unique way. Most of therapy or counseling processes utilize validation, unconditional positive regard, and reframing as common techniques to get someone to heal from their depression. Though this can be helpful, it rarely fixes the core problem behind it and for tough cases we then refer them usually to a psychiatrist for medication which can have tons of side effects. Instead, why not try a natural and arguably more effective way to not just change your mind, but change the brain--where the depression is rooted. Contact us at

Depression Counsellor

Arthur Karp, M.Ed; RP, CCC

Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Counsellor

43 Auriga Drive, Ottawa, Ontario

Depression can leave us feeling hopeless and unable to function all that well not to mention the isolation resulting. The key is to then recognize those automatic thoughts emerging and how they may be serving to influence our mood at any given moment. If we have a tendency to generally catastrophize and only see a situation from a worst case scenario, it will serve to leave us feeling bad. The key is learning to effectively examine those triggers and subsequently how can we best challenge the reasoning behind. It comes down to being proactive about our mental health and not willingly accept a negative outlook when there may be another far more healthier perspective or a lens to see from.

Depression Counsellor

Rita Ofili, BSW, MSW, RSW

Registered Clinical Social Worker

2039 Robertson Rd, suite 501 (Bell Mews Plaza), Nepean, Ontario

In therapy for depression, my clients usually learn strategies and techniques to strengthen their coping abilities, to rebuild their strength and to regain control over their lives. Clients learn how to deal with negative thoughts, how to reframe from negative thoughts using certain behavioral strategies. Clients are taught how to identify symptoms of depression and how to prevent its recurrence.

Depression Counsellor

Michelle Berezny, M.A., RP, CCC

Registered Psychotherapist, Canadian Certified Counsellor

2081 Merivale Road, Suite 800, Ottawa, Ontario

Feelings of low mood and depression can take a toll on us emotionally, physically, and cognitively. Counselling support can alleviate these challenging symptoms by exploring the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that cause us to feel "stuck." Often times, changing one of these elements will have an effect on another; Counselling serves to facilitate the exploration of this process in a safe, supportive, and non-judgemental space.

Depression Counsellor

Richard Merrill Haney, M.Ed., Ph.D. (Counselling Therapy)

Couple Counselling/Coaching and Family Mediation Specialist

11 Basin Court (In Arlington Woods), Nepean, Ontario

I teach clients with mild to moderate depression symptoms that depression can often be a messenger from our deepest self and/or a call to action. I actually suggest specific actions that they can take to break out of the depression--inaction cycles. I suggest that they do an "inner dialogue" with the depression and ask it what is the cause of the depression. I suggest that if they cannot get at the "root cause" of the depression that they at least attempt to get to the region of their psyche that the depression is coming from. I suggest hypnosis to them. Research has shown a marked reduction in depression with the stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system with hypnosis.

Depression Counsellor

Courtney Smyth, M.Ed., CCC, RP

Registered Psychotherapist

2948 Baseline Road, Suite 206, Ottawa, Ontario

Depression is a well-known and well-used word in our everyday language today. Many people experience some form of depression in their life or have a family member, friend or colleague who is experiencing depression. In order to make strides towards feeling better, we must first understand your history with depression, your triggers or things that make your symptoms worse, and understand your patterns of thinking and behaving. Once we understand these things we can begin making small and manageable behavioural changes to manage your symptoms and hopefully improve your mood and ability to cope.

Depression Counsellor

Michelle Bentley, MA, RP, RMFT

Registered Psychotherapist; Individual and Family Therapist

2948 Baseline Rd #206 , Ottawa (Nepean), Ontario

Many people experience a depressed mood during their life when they feel limited in finding the joy, focus, energy and achievements they used to enjoy. Depression can affect many areas of living and you deserve to get support in striving to bring back your hope and drive. I work with you to come to greater understanding of your unique struggles and strengths, consider meanings limiting choices, and find ways to gain back one’s life from the influence of sadness. I am experienced supporting grieving loss or navigating life changes or difficult situations. I can provide Brainspotting Therapy, used for cumulative childhood trauma. Your healing journey can benefit from compassionate support.

Depression Counselor

Jennifer Shneer, AWCCA, M.S.W., RSW, CT

Registered Social Worker

Available for Online Therapy

I have a supportive approach when working with clients who may be experiencing depression. I will help you get to the root of your depression and what seems to keep the depression going. Using CBT, we will work together to better understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. With hard work and practice, you can start to feel better!

Depression Counsellor

Tracy Thomson, MA, BA, RP

Counsellor and Registered Psychotherapist

99 Kakulu Rd, Kanata, Ontario

Depression is nothing to be afraid of, or ashamed of. Every individual has experienced depression, or sadness, at least once in their lives. Often just talking about depressed feelings can be a huge relief, and sometimes just bringing the "darkness" into the light through talk therapy can bring a lighter feeling to the felt darkness. In counselling therapy we will talk about what is being felt, the uncomfortable and unpleasant feelings, and look for strategies to lighten these feelings.

Depression Counselor

Tressa Porter, M.A.

Registered Psychotherapist and Consultant

Available for Online Therapy

Depression often comes as a result of not feeling entitled to claim our life and set boundaries to create safety in our life. Instead of feelings like we can grow and become more of who we are, we get caught in the reverse, where we feel more and more that we should shrink and lose our aliveness. I will work with you in a process of recognizing your feelings and getting them to work for you rather than against you. Depression is about dis-empowerment, but we become empowered when we can make sense of our inner world and use our feelings to strengthen ourselves and make the changes we need to make in our life. No need to go it alone, let me guide you through this challenging terrain!

Depression Counsellor

Sandra Bernard, M.Div. Counselling, RP

Registered Psychotherapist

2948 Baseline Rd, Suite #206, Ottawa, Ontario

It has been said that most depression is "anger turned inwards or a feeling of loss of control in one's life". Psychotherapy can help you process some of their painful past and regain control of your life. Where there is depression there is also anxiety/fear. We can take a look at some of the contributing factors to the anxiety. Sometimes your interpretation of the past has negative results to your present day life. Therapy looks at at what those interpretations are and correct them where they need correction. Using Family Systems Therapy, CBT and Emotion-Focused Therapy you will see what they think, feel and believe.

Depression Counsellor

Tracie Lee, M.A.(Ed)., Ph.D. Student

Registered Psychotherapist, Individual/Couple Therapist

Centre for Interpersonal Relationships, 388 Albert Street, Unit 2, Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario

At some point in your life, you may find yourself struggling with depressive symptoms or low mood that can affect your social and professional functioning, interpersonal relationships, and overall quality of life. I will help you understand your depression by administering scientific, evidence-based assessments, and support you in reconnecting with your sense of purpose and meaning in life.

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