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The Centre For Interpersonal Relationships professional practitioners have been extensively trained in the assessment and treatment of mental health issues. We are either registered as psychologists in the province of Ontario, or are therapists under the direct supervision of a psychologist.
To ensure the best possible outcomes, our mental health professionals will work collaboratively with you to clarify your concerns and identify your treatment goals. We integrate a variety of different scientifically researched interventions to effectively meet these concerns and goals to improve your mental health.
Our clinicians are trained in different therapeutic approaches, including cognitive-behavioural, emotion-focused, EMDR, experiential, existential-humanistic, mindfulness, psychoanalytic/psychodynamic and systems theory.

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Dr. Dino Zuccarini, C.Psych., Clinical Director

In individual therapy, I see clients who are experiencing depression and anxiety, having difficulties resolving past or current relationship issues and struggling with issues related to sexual functioning. I also support clients to address self and relationship issues in the aftermath of different types of traumatic and overwhelming life experiences, such as emotional and physical abuse and neglect and sexual abuse. I also work with clients to help them deal with grief from past losses, cope with work place stressors and burnout, face life threatening or terminal illnesses and explore existential issues related to meaning and purpose. I am comfortable working with individuals from different socio-cultural identity groups.

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Dr. Aleks Milosevic, C.Psych., Clinical Director


In psychotherapy I work with adults experiencing a range of difficulties coping with negative emotions (anger, anxiety, depression, shame), problematic behaviours (aggression, compulsions), and relationship issues. I have a specific interest in the assessment and treatment of addictions, including substance abuse (alcohol, recreational drugs, prescription medications, anabolic steroids), sexual addiction (consenting sex, masturbation, pornography), and problem gambling (casino, internet, lottery).


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Dr. Rana Karam C.Psych.

 I work with adults and adolescents experiencing a wide range of psychological difficulties such as depression, anxiety, trauma, cross-cultural struggles and interpersonal challenges. I believe that the key to a successful psychotherapeutic process lies in building a working alliance with each of my clients based on trust as well as a safe space for personal expression and growth.  My practice approach is integrative and client-centred. Consequently, I use psychodynamics and psychoanalysis as my main approaches in psychological understanding. My practice is also inspired by other treatment modalities and techniques such as cognitive-behavioural, mindfulness, and humanistic approaches. Together, we will work to better understand and discover your unique therapeutic needs and personal strengths.



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