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  • Registered Psychologist
  • Phone: 4032499337
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  • Session Fees: $190.00 per 60-minute session $250 per 90-minute EMDR session The Psychologists' Association of Alberta's (PAA) recommended fee is $200 for a 50-minute session
  • This member is a featured provider of online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

 Break Free From the Hold Anxiety Has on You…

Be at peace with yourself.  Be at peace with food, your body, and your weight.

If you find yourself worrying a lot, or have fears and thoughts that you can’t control, as a therapist, I can help. My name is Carol Fredrek. I am a psychologist in Discovery Ridge, Calgary. My goal is to provide lasting healing for you whether you struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, or disordered eating.  
20 Years Experience as a Therapist Helping People Heal From Anxiety and Eating Disorders 

For over 2 decades, I have offered skilled and caring therapy. I place great emphasis on creating a strong and compassionate relationship with you where true healing can take place. Our relationship is a partnership where you set the agenda and we work together to achieve your goals. 
I use some of the most effective counselling approaches that exist today. These methods are backed by science and can provide profound results quite quickly. My clients are often surprised at the depth of healing that occurs on our therapy sessions. You can read some of my client success stories here
 How You can Benefit From Online Counseling 
  • The convenience to potentially receive counseling from anywhere once an internet signal is secured 
  •  If you live outside of Calgary or if my office location doesn't work for you
  • There is an increased comfort for many clients
  • Accessibility to a Psychologist who would otherwise be unavailable 
I use a platform that is encrypted and secure.  It is not recorded or stored on a server.  If you choose to work with me using online therapy I will provide you with a consent outlining the risks, confidentiality, and process.  Free 15 Minute Online Consultation Available 

How You Can Benefit From Anxiety Counselling

  • Feel more relaxed and at peace with yourself and your life
  • Feel more comfortable in social situations
  • Have better relationships with others
  • Be more productive at work and in your life
  • Have a more restful sleep and awaken with a calm mind

Click here to find out more about how anxiety counselling can help provide relief from anxiety. 
How You Can Benefit From Eating Disorder Counselling 
  • Heal anorexia, bulimia, poor body image, obsessions with food, and compulsive eating
  • Feel more in control of yourself and your life
  • Break free from preoccupation with food and come to see food will as something that nourishes you
  • Have more energy to simply enjoy your life
  • Feel good about yourself and your body

Click here to find out more about how eating disorder counselling can help you become free from obsessing about food and your body. 
If you want to break free from stress, worry, fear and obsessions, contact me for a free, 15- minute consultation.

When we speak, you can tell me your concerns and your goals, and then together we can decide if we are a good fit to work together.

To take your free body image or anxiety quiz, visit my website. 


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