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Hi there,  

   I always find it helpful to know about my clients, so in turn I want to share my background in the field to help you make an informed decision before pursuing your wellness journey with me. I bring six years of therapy, counselling, and support granted through a wide variety of clinical environments. Beginning into this field I wanted to be involved in many different environments in order to bring a wealth of experiences to clients. Some of these experiences include hospitals, social service agencies, child mental health organizations, residential treatment facilities, provincial correctional facilities, school boards, and private practice.

As a trained mental health professional I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. I am also a general member of the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists, and currently a registered member (qualifying) of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). The CRPO is the newly appointed psychotherapy college in Ontario to regulate our practice as therapists and to protect the public from harm.

Compassionate Care

Choosing a therapist is a difficult decision, you are entrusting an individual with some of the deepest and most personal experiences you have lived with the hope for a chance to reclaim your life, to feel better, to make relationships more meaningful, or putting thought into difficult decisions. Reclaiming your life starts with finding a therapist that you can trust, that you feel comfortable talking to, and to truly feel that you can be yourself, without filter or censorship.

I hope I can convey throughout this short bio that I am here to help you with what you are facing in a compassionate, trustworthy, and nonjudgmental way. I have a passion for helping others make positive change in their lives, and strive to make therapy a rewarding journey that is about working alongside you and your aspirations for change.

Experiences in Treating Mental Health Concerns

I find a common question clients ask me is: “how much experience do you have in treating my concern”? Although it is difficult to disclose exactly how many clients I have helped in the past with depression, anxiety, career transitions, or substance abuse, I can say this, my goal is to understand you, your concerns, and the impact this is having over your life.  I have experience in understanding and relating to people, developing and meeting treatment goals, overcoming suffering, working through challenges and overcoming obstacles.  The specializations listed on this page represent mental health concerns that I have competency in, but more importantly, experience in treating with past client's until he/she reaches success. 

The guiding influence in the work I am able to do with client's is seeing people as separate from their "problem". We are always so focused on the negativity of a problem that often times, we forget or even neglect some of the positive experiences we encounter. Every person is unique, and every story we carry is based on the life we choose to live, yet even in the face of hardship, you (not the therapist) is the expert over your own life. I play the part in helping you see this and uncovering your strength to overcome obstacles or suffering. Being trained in and practicing several forms of therapeutic approaches allows me to tailor a treatment plan depending on your needs, specific goals needing to be attained, and the direction you want to take your life. 

Questions on the therapeutic approach?

There may be times when you are looking for a specific type of therapeutic approach, often times this may be cognitive-behavioural therapy as proposed by your family doctor. Other times, you may want to pursue mindfulness-based therapy to “de-stress”, ground yourself, or want to develop a different, compassionate way to relate to thoughts. When you are pursuing treatment through benefits, there may be a need for brief solution focused therapy (1-5 treatment sessions) because of the limited nature of what can be reimbursed.

Any reason for wanting a specific type of therapeutic approach is yours and should be respectfully granted. I am here to help you achieve your wellness on your own terms and am open to answering any questions you may have with respect to how your treatment will look.


I look forward to working with you to reclaim your life today!


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