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  • Registered Clinical Counsellor and Registered Social Worker
  • 204-2780 Veterans Memorial Pkwy, Victoria, British Columbia, V9B 3S6
  • Currently Not Accepting New Clients
  • Phone: 250-896-1704
  • Session Fees: New: October 1, 2017 - Individuals: $115.00 per 50 minutes/ Couples: $120.00 per 50 minutes/ Families: $125 per 50 minutes
  • www.kathlynmchugh.ca


  • Masters of Counselling Psychology (MEd.)
  • Registered Clinical Counsellor (BCACC #2415)
  • Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
  • Registered Social Worker (BCCSW #10432)
  • Trained in Cognitive Behavioural therapy, EMDR, Satir Transformational Family therapy, CISD (Critical Incident Stress Debriefing), Trauma Desensitization, Expressive therapy, Reiki, and Somatic Transformation


My practice is built on a solid foundation of professional experiences and relationships spanning twenty years.  I have invested these years working directly with people from across the lifespan and in a variety of settings.  In 1996 I started working with at-risk youth in schools in northern BC and Yukon.  After moving to the interior, I began working with families in crisis in their homes in partnership with the Ministry of Children and Families.  In 2002 I started my private practice working with people of all ages and settings in small rural towns.  I moved to Vancouver Island in 2005 and entered the Employee and Family Assistance Program world which exposes me to a depth and breadth of issues and types of people that enriches my private practice immensely.  My interests have always lay in health and fitness and enjoying the great outdoors and nature.  I have always been a great lover of art, music, and all things beautiful which kindles my appreciation for culture and novelty.  

  • I want to enhance your wellness.
  • My experience is that when people are given time, space, tools and nurturing support, they can make the changes necessary for a better, healthier, more productive life.  
  • My goal is to facilitate change.  This begins with deep listening and empathic inquiry in a safe, non-judgmental environment.  
  • I employ effective, clinical skills to bring deeper personal insight, awareness, better ways of coping, solving problems, and improved relationships.  
  • One of my roles is to help you integrate holistic mind-body strategies:  These might include mindfulness, meditation, visualization, movement, somatic awareness, and inquiry.
  • I believe that nature and creativity, including art, music, play, and humour are vital resources that are necessary for a full, balanced, and productive life.
  • I believe that when you are connected to your resources you are resilient, authentic, happy, and healthy - this is what I want for you and all my clients.
  • We are surrounded by a host of natural resources that facilitate and maintain change including the environment, our relationships, and even our own bodies; these are resources that are often untapped and are the key to fully embodied, meaningful living. 
  • Convenient Telephone Counselling and Consults
  • Wellness Plans (ex. stress, grief, work/life balance)
  • Treatment Plans (ex. anxiety, depression, trauma)
  • Strategic Parenting Plans (ex. parenting, family, separation/divorce)
  • Intimacy Builders (ex. relationships, couples)
  • Conflict Resolution (ex. personal, professional, couples/families)
  • Life Transitions (*special interest in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum)
  • Wellness and Fully Embodied Living

All of these many services are designed around, for, and with you.  Your needs and well-being are of the utmost importance to me.

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