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At Ros Best Counselling…

You will feel listened to, seen and safe in Ros’ warm, home-office setting. Ros is known for her kindness, compassion, wisdom and presence with clients. Therapy with Ros will help you reach goals such as to have a more rewarding marriage, feel more light in your day-to-day living, or experience more clarity and peace in your life.

Ros welcomes all the ways that you are like everyone else, but welcomes especially all the ways that set you apart. LGBTQ, geniuses, People With Disabilities, AD/HD? I welcome you!

Ros Best can help you with:

  • Couples Therapy (EFT and Gottman)
  • Trauma, and how it interferes with your life
  •  Loneliness
  •  Depression
  •  Anxiety
  •  Life transitions (retirement; separation & divorce; bringing baby home; empty nest; aging…)
  •  Cancer, disability, grief and loss

Benefits of therapy with Ros Best:

  •  Restore/enhance emotional safety, trust and commitment to your couple
  •  Restore/enhance emotional safety, trust and commitment in your family
  •  Connect with who you are and want to be, especially after a major change
  •  Overcome depression, anxiety and shame.
  •  Connect with your strengths!
  •  Understand and make peace with your history and current situation
  •  Overcome headaches, neck, shoulder and backaches, & insomnia that stem from your emotions
  •  Take the emotional charge out of traumatic experiences
  •   Craft a life that meets your needs and longings


Ros Best uses these therapies to help:

For Couples Counselling

  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy - Ros uses exercises that include possible wordings, with Ros there to ensure that partners have the safety to experience and learn new ways that strengthen their relationship.
  • Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT/ Sue Johnson) -  Ros creates emotional safety for the partners, and assists them to perceive their pattern of conflict. The partners will tap into their own and their partner’s emotions and longings. These emotions and longings in fact underlie the repeating conflicts.
  • Psycho-education to help partners adding a first baby into their couple, er, family!

For Family Counselling

  • Ros and you will focus on the purpose of behaviours rather than the behaviours themselves; what needs are they communicating? 
  • Ros uses an attachment-based, systems-informed approach.  

For Individual Counselling

  • Trauma processing: Ros uses Attachment-Based EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
  • Anxiety: we will do grounding and breathing exercises as needed. What is the purpose of the anxiety? if helpful, we will do talk-therapy (CBT) or Mindfulness-Based Art Therapy. Ros’ clients often apply metaphors and containment to deal with anxiety. Tell Ros your story…
  • Ros uses talk-therapy for cancer, other chronic diseases, grief and loss, a shifting identity after divorce, empty nest, death of a loved one, workplace or family of origin conflicts, and so on.

Watch for Ros launching retreats soon for Wellness, Couples Counselling, Cancer Support and Mindfulness-Based Art Therapy!


·         Couple or Family Therapy:

  • Minimum 1 ½ hours, at $160/hr. 
  • Consider doing 3 hour sessions or a retreat to move through your concerns undistracted.
  • Retreats - price to be determined.

·         Individual Sessions - EMDR Trauma

  • Therapy $140/hr. 
  • Consider if at all possible doing 1 ½ hour sessions, or an intensive EMDR Trauma Therapy weekend(s) to move through your concerns undistracted. Price to be determined.

·         Individual Sessions - Talk Therapy

  • $140/hr. 
  • Booking weekly sessions is highly recommended, at least for the first while.

·         People With Disabilities, please ask me about my sliding scale.



  •  2138 E. Kent Ave. South, #16 on the third floor, Vancouver, BC
  •  Located in Fraserview, South East Vancouver. 
  •  Abundant parking, 
  •  Half way between the Canada Line and Skytrain, near the Knight St. Bridge and the River District.

·     Mobile: 778-834-1867


Ros' Core Intentions: Ros will...

  • Listen well, to heart, mind, body, spirit;
  • Acknowledge her client. What is their best self that they want to bring forward? What is their experience? Strengths, frustrations and goals?
  • Ros will be kind and humble. Ros will try to do her best, and will make mistakes that she will acknowledge. Together, Ros and the client will figure things out...
  • Ros knows the power of hope and personal growth. Ros and client both bring courage and intention.


Post-Graduate Training:

  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 3
  • Gottman Method Bringing Baby Home training
  • Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy Externship (Certification course work in process) 
  • EMDR, Attachment-Based Advanced EMDR
  • The Essentials of Dementia Care; End of Life Studies; Alzheimer Café leadership
  • Mindfulness-Based Art Therapy Level 2

Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC #8656)

Master of Counselling at the Adler School of Professional Psychology

Direct family experience with cancer, learning differences, lifelong physical disability, dementia-care, trauma… 

Former teacher in French Immersion subjects, Skills and Counselling

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