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Aaron Lautzenhiser, R.Psych.

Registered Psychologist

3195 Granville Street, Suite 202, Vancouver, British Columbia

My psychotherapy clients come with a range of concerns: people in job or relationship transitions, feeling "stuck" or limited in their lives, feeling “swept along,” disconnected, or worn out. People looking for direction, understanding, and change. Using open conversation and psychological tools, I help my clients learn the patterns that are holding them back and help them build new ways of thinking and living. Psychotherapy can help you gain insight into your life, make better decisions, feel happier and more in control, build more satisfying relationships, reduce stress, and feel more fulfilled in your life. If you’re ready to move toward change, please contact me.


Martin Pinaud, Psy. D., M. A. RCC

Dr. of Psychology BC Association of Registered Clinical Counsellors

150-233 West 1st North Vancouver ., North Vancouver , British Columbia

I use a two pronged approach in assisting clients . The first is called CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This is highly used in counselling. It increase a clients awareness and enhances their education and skills. The second component, and I believe the most important, is the Reduction of Emotional Charge connected with the issue. Some times CBT is sufficient to bring about permanent change. But often people relapse because the emotional stimulation/reaction had not been reduced & they default to their old coping mechanisms.


Ian Bond, MA, BA, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor (#2648)

Suite 205 - 2628 Granville Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Ian provides professional, effective, and compassionate psychotherapy for a wide array of issues. He helps clients get to the root of the problem, and achieve success in many areas of their life. Utilizing a variety of scientifically proven therapies, he has an excellent rate of success in general. Please contact Ian if you'd like a 30 minute consultation to briefly discuss your situation and how psychotherapy can help.


Devorah Peterson, M.Ed., RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Vancouver, British Columbia

A major focus for me is the body-mind relationship and attuning to the wisdom within the person. Besides "talk therapy", I often incorporate tools such as dreamwork and creative expression. Having over twenty years experience as a psychotherapist and having been an instructor of counsellors for many years as well, I am familiar with all of the major approaches to psychotherapy and am therefore able to work with each client according to their individual needs. For those exploring spiritual issues such as meaning, direction, and deeper connection, I bring my training in Interfaith Spiritual Guidance and many years exploring Jungian psychology.


Patrick Myers, Ph.D.

Registered Psychologist 1850

1061 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Psychotherapy Do you need to talk to somebody? Psychotherapy is my trade, my art, my science, and my play. I offer helpful skills, a compassionate ear, interesting metaphors and stories to help you move forward, professional ethics, and a commitment to ongoing training. People come to me for a wide range of issues from anxiety to relationships, stress to trauma, depression to insomnia, and many more. Call 604-468-7300 now to book your next appointment.


CaraLynne McLean, M.C.P., R.C.C., B.C.A.C.C.

Registered Clinical Counsellor

706 Queensbury Avenue, North Vancouver, British Columbia

Providing a client-centrered, empathic, non-judgmental and safe psychotherapeutic environment has been proven to aid in a client's symptom relief. Private and Confidential Psychotherapy (talk therapy) may bring about positive life changes, release tension, reduce anxiety and improve self-esteem through self-reflection and knowledge. Each 50 minute session will seek to build and maintain a therapeutic relationship based on trust. Change or symptom relief may occur through therapeutic dialogue and as the client's sense of self increases over the course of psychotherapy.


Keisei Anzai, MA, RCAT, BCATR

Registered Art Therapist

659-A Moberly Road, Vancouver, British Columbia

Based on the imagery of client's self expression art pieces, using the imagery as a buffer zone in between the client and the therapist, the therapist as a guide, will pose different questions on an given imagery to client. The purpose here is not for the therapist to make any interpretation, but the aim is to give the power of interpretation or verbal expression back to the clients so that by answering the question will give rise to self-awareness, empowering the client by giving back the control. Different from verbal therapy, This form of psychotherapy is based on the imagery of the art first, and art tells the truth more than words and art directly arise from the unconscious,


Christie Dakin, BCS, RTC, MTC

Master Therapeutic Counsellor

1069 Douglas Crescent, Vancouver, British Columbia

Psychotherapy can help you uncover negative thought patterns and beliefs that have kept you stuck and unhappy. It can give you hope that there is a better way to live and that you do have choices and options. It can teach you different ways of communicating which are less defensive and attacking and more positive and inviting. Therapy can help you see yourself and others in your current life as well as those in your past, with more forgiveness and understanding. It can completely transform your life If you are willing.


Kathryn Dodds, RPC in Psychotherapy

Registered Professional Counsellor and Life Coach

Available for Online Therapy

What Clients are saying: "Kathryn makes sessions seem like a casual comfortable conversation with a friend. I knew that she had a purpose in our conversation and didnt feel afraid to tell her anything. She doesnt just sit there and listen to me talk. She seems to know what Im trying to say. She takes psychotheraphy to a whole new level." "I found Kathryn interesting, information and encouraging at a time when I felt it difficult to express my feelings. Her charming manner made our sessions enjoyable, and helpful...I found it useful to take notes as there were so many great suggestions. I would recommend Kathryn to anyone that is apprehensive about discussing personal issues."


Frances Hamm, MA RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

1005 E 54 th St, Vancouver, British Columbia

My approach to therapy has evolved over the years which incorporates the many different modalities I have studied: narrative therapy, CBT, emotionally focused, ecosystemic therapy and sensorimotorpsychotherapy. Each person requires a unique approach and I like to work collaboratively with my clients to develop creative solutions for their particular situations.


Jennifer Scott, RCC, RSW, BC-DMT

Registered Clinical Counsellor, Registered Social Worker

205-1118 Homer St. (206C-1571 Bellevue, WV), Yaletown and West Vancouver, British Columbia

My approach in psychotherapy is a collaborative relationship between client and therapist, respecting your presenting issues, your choices, and pace for change. I often integrate a body-oriented approach in order to engage all parts of the brain and accelerate and deepen the healing process. I may suggest we work using cognitive behavioral therapy and/or sensorimotor psychotherapy (primarily for trauma), along with a variety of other techniques that work well with your presenting problem. I find that many clients are surprised at how quickly they make progress.


Joseph Eliezer, MTC, MPCC-S, RCS

Master Practitioner of Clinical Counselling

#28 -1089 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia

You feel troubled. You are depressed, confused or anxious. You have a hard time making decisions. Relationships are difficult. You’re ambivalent. You see everyone else’s life improve, but yours doesn’t. You get jealous or anger easily. You have unresolved issues. Change is hard. If any of these statements describe you, talking to a psychotherapist can help. Psychotherapy helps you to become unstuck. Together, we will work to understand the underlying reasons for your challenging thoughts, feelings and actions, and process your experiences into clarity and well-being. You will feel heard, understood and welcomed, and develop strengths that will improve long after therapy is complete.


Rosalyn Best, MoC, MEd, RCC, CAC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Suite 16, 2138 East Kent Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia

Sounds scary? Psychotherapy is counselling for longer-term issues where you feel stuck. The most important element in psychotherapy is the client/therapist relationship: You will find in me a safe, accepting and competent ally. As a trained Adlerian psychotherapist (CAC, RCC), I will help you learn from your body, and from the memories and dreams you tend to remember. We’ll use talk, and maybe do some art to access these. We’ll notice the patterns and beliefs you’ve held on to, patterns that worked for you once upon a time, but are keeping you stuck and need revising now. Let’s reclaim your peace and hope together.

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When life seems to be crashing against a barrage of endless waves, a counsellor Vancouver in BC from Theravive steadfastly provides life changing resources and services in a trained and consistently professional manner. Counselling and therapy provide a safe environment to work through difficulties, find new hope, and overcome. We will work with you to identify goals and work out a practical plan to achieve them. If you are struggling with an issue, whether your marriage, career, family, relationships, or perhaps something with yourself, and are in need of help, we urge you to consider values-based counselling. Elevate yourself to new direction and purpose. You will feel safe in a non-judgmental environment knowing the values of your therapist and goals you both set. The benefits of values based therapy over arbitrary, relative, or non-values therapy is immense, and we are confident you will notice a true difference. We only ask that you take the first step and call us. We know that seeing a counselor can be a difficult choice over the long run, and that is why our is mission to return you to a state of freedom and life that no longer depends on a therapist. If you are at a point where you feel that you are merely coping or can barely get through the day, contact a counsellor Vancouver BC, and begin the journey towards healing. Theravive is home to licensed and professional therapists and psychologists able to guide you to a new life of recovery and hope.

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It was almost 150 years ago when Richard moody first drew up the early roads and routes that would one day span across the Vancouver area. Moody is considered a key part of this city’s history. It was his work that was instrumental in early military and settler establishments which led to an increase in population for this part of the world. From early fishing and farming, over the course of time, the greater Vancouver area expanded to become a huge metropolitan area and major hub of the Canadian west. As people came, entertainment began. For those looking for a counsellor Vancouver BC, expert therapists welcome you to aid you in discovering a new direction in your life. The largest dance hall in BC was built in 1921 on Bowen Island, a surprising location for the arts. Today the pulse of culture can be found on Granville Island with its many theaters and art displays.

Vancouver holds a great opportunity for us to serve the people of the lower mainland through quality and customized therapy and counselling services. If you are visiting Vancouver, you will find an abundance of things to do, both indoor and outdoor. Pay a visit to 32 acres of floral artistry at Minter Gardens and at the same time enjoy a fine dining at the Envision or Trillium. Or be captivated by the intensity of an Imax feature experience. Explore the mysteries of science at science world, or take an attempt at the Grouse Grind. You will certainly not be lacking in finding something that will suit your preference. From hiking, to biking and boating, Vancouver has it all. This city is home to nearly 3 million people, it is a place full of life and a city that is always active. Several religions are represented in Vancouver, with the most common being Christian. Counsellor Vancouver is a professional therapist expertly trained to assist individuals and families in overcoming the issues they face. It is our goal and hope to provide professional counsellors to the people in Vancouver and we will do whatever we can to assist clients towards a better future.

Vancouver is located in British Columbia, Canada. It has a land area of 114.97 square kilometers.  The population of Vancouver is 631,486 people with 283,916 households . The population ranking for Vancouver is #8 nationally and #1 for the province of British Columbia with a density of 5492.60 people per sq km. Vancouver therapists serve postal code: V5Y.