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Therapy and counselling for anger issues, self control and stress management in Vancouver, British Columbia. Find effective help for real change.

Anger Therapist

Keisei Anzai, MA, RCAT, BCATR

Registered Art Therapist

659-A Moberly Road, Vancouver, British Columbia

We need to explore where this anger comes from. Very often, sadness is accompanied by anger. To check out where the client stands here and now, his state of mind and being through art directive and bring the client back to his childhood to check the family to get an idea first would be the first thing to do. Art therapy can take the client back and forth in time in order to find the key to anger. By releasing anger via art is also crucial.

Anger Therapist

Joseph Eliezer, MTC, MPCC-S, RCS

Master Practitioner of Clinical Counselling

#28 -1089 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia

You blow up easily. Sometimes, later, you feel shameful about it. At other times, you feel nothing. Anger has cost you relationships and maybe job opportunities. You know you can be hurtful, but you don’t know how to fix it. Somehow, this has to stop. Dealing with anger effectively means learning to assess situations differently and more accurately, developing a greater ability to communicate, having a better understanding of yours and other people's emotional landscapes, and creating the confidence to experience yourself more authentically. Working together, our goal will be to help you transform DESTRUCTIVE behaviours into CONSTRUCTIVE ones. Harmony is a choice - for men and women.

Anger Therapist

Tamara Knott, BA, BComm, MA, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

200-1892 W. Broadway Ave, Vancouver, Kitsilano, British Columbia

One of the greatest detriments of anger is that it makes us feel helpless and out of control. Anger management techniques aren't meant to eliminate your anger. Anger management techniques put you in charge of the situation and teach you how to make your anger work for you. Resolve conflict creatively, calm yourself before you hit the red zone, recognize the early warning signs of anger…so that you’ll stay in control of your emotions, offer and respond to criticism with confidence and react to a crisis calmly and that you will be powerful instead of overpowering.

Anger Therapist

Janine Ray, MA, BA, ATR-BC, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Available for Online Therapy

Managing our anger is the ultimate goal, yet we first will hear your experience and point of view. Using ONLINE tools like video conferencing, email and text supports, I will support you in expressing your feelings, and will either talk or use art making tools, or employ both in this important first step. Next we will look at how you want to show up in the world, how do you want to be in your life? Working backwards, we develop a plan to help you move forward and start on your healing path. You will learn Mindfulness,CBT, and clinically proven, anger management strategies to assist you in your daily life. Let's move through this together.

Anger Therapist

Bronwyn Sullivan, MOC, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

3195 Granvilles Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Do you find yourself yelling at your partner, losing your temper at your children, storming out of the office in a fury of frustration and anger? Anger is a normal, healthy emotion that sometimes gets away on a person. Feeling disappointed in yourself when you 'lose your cool' is information that there may be better ways to handle a situation. Together we will work to help you develop the skills to communicate effectively, maintain your authenticity and foster strong, positive relationships.

Anger Therapist

Constance Lynn Hummel, MA, RCC, CCC

Psychotherapist | Leadership Coach | Speaker & Trainer

Suite 610 - 325 Howe Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

I believe in the philosophy of "feel the feeling - choose the behaviour". I work with clients to help them understand their anger triggers, find ways to contain their behaviours and find healthier, more effective ways of communicating with those around them. The idea is not to get rid of the emotion but instead understand what is causing it and then decide on the action, as opposed to the reaction contributing to the problem.

Anger Therapist

Frances Brown, M.Ed., RPC, MTC

Registered Professional Counsellor, Master Therapeutic Counsellor

501 - 1587 West 8th Ave, Vancouver, B.C.,

As a couples and marriage counsellor, I help partners slow down the negative dance that takes over their relationship. Anger in relationship is often like a suit of armor meant to keep the person safe from feeling underlying pain. I help couples create the safety they need to begin to investigate the pain that lies beneath the shield of anger. The healing is transformative and couples find connections with themselves and each other that restores safety and confidence and brings love back.

Anger Therapist

Jennifer Scott, RCC, RSW, BC-DMT

Registered Clinical Counsellor, Registered Social Worker

205-1118 Homer St. (206C-1571 Bellevue, WV), Yaletown and West Vancouver, British Columbia

Anger is a healthy and normal emotion. It is only when it is acted out in inappropriate ways that it becomes unhealthy and socially "unacceptable". The key to getting a handle on anger is to learn mindful awareness of what you are actually experiencing in the moment - particularly what you are experiencing physically in your body. That moment to moment awareness shows you the truth of your experience and slows your reaction time, giving you a chance to take a breath, evaluate, and assess how you might want to RESPOND, rather than simply REACT, in a given situation. It is equally important to discover underlying anxiety or depression that might be contributing to unwanted anger.

Anger Therapist

Alexia Brown, M.Ed, R.C.C

Registered Clinical Counsellor

West 16th Ave and MacDonald, Vancouver, British Columbia

We are all thoroughly emotional beings. We were not all fortunate enough to be coached from birth on how to handle our emotions, especially the big ones, like anger. My role is in helping you learn to regulate your feelings in order for those spikes of anger to become less overwhelming. It is never too late to integrate these skills.

Anger Therapist

Erica Collyer Beauchamp, MEd RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

970 Burrard Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Many people struggle with anger and don't have effective strategies to help them manage this anger. I work with clients to identify what makes them most angry and to teach ways to self-soothe, gain acceptance, communicate, and get their needs met in a more productive way. The strategies I choose for each client will depend on the client's unique personality requirements and past experiences of success.

Anger Therapist

Tiffani Van Buckley, MA, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

3223 Main Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Anger is an important and value emotion when harnessed in a way that leaves the owner of the anger in the driver's seat. When anger comes in uncontrollable and scary waves, it is likely necessary to learn strategies to cope with the strong emotions and understand its origins. Tiffani fosters a space to explore and express ranges of emotions without judgement, and helps clients to better know themselves, make sense of their experiences and ultimately gain new coping strategies to harness and manage strong emotions.

Anger Therapist

Claire Maisonneuve, R.C.C.

Registered Clinical Counsellor

#302-1401 W. Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia

You’ll be surprised at how much more control over your anger you can have with just a few counselling sessions using my unique therapeutic approaches. Anger is most often a cover up for deeper feelings of hurt, shame and humiliation. This is especially likely if you grew up in a family where expressing emotions was discouraged. Anger is a normal, healthy emotion, but when chronic, explosive anger spirals out of control, it can have serious consequences for your relationships, health, and state of mind. When you get angry, you might think that venting your anger is healthy, people around you are too sensitive, your anger is justified, or that anger is a sign of strength. But the truth is that unchecked anger can be highly damaging for your life,...(view profile to read more)

Anger Therapist

Christie Dakin, BCS, RTC, MTC

Master Therapeutic Counsellor

1069 Douglas Crescent, Vancouver, British Columbia

Anger can become emotionally addictive and yet this may not be obvious to a client. They may have many reasons for being angry and may feel very justified in their anger. Anger can jeopardize meaningful relationships. I help clients get to the core of their anger and give them new tools and methods to handle these explosive feelings. I will also help my client uncover the underlying beliefs and sources of their anger. There is no need for them to continue to suffer.

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