Zermina Wynne, BA,RECE,CTP DiplCan,Mbr CAPT

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  • Pre-Licenced Psychotherapist
  • 94 Corkett Drive, Brampton, Ontario, L6X 3E7
  • I am currently not accepting new clients. Be well. Keep safe.
  • Phone: 416-578-0577
  • Session Fees: Session Costs $60 - $80 I accept sliding scale payments Consultations I offer a free initial phone consultation I offer a free initial face-to-face consultation
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

I am not currently accepting new clients. Be well. Keep Safe.
Thank you  for looking at my profile. It means you have taken thefirst step towards self-care and self-discovery -- Looking for a way to take care of your Mental,
Emotional and Spiritual Self.

Good for you!

Now imagine your true self --The
authentic you. Free from all the burdens you've been carrying. It is possible
to be that self again. Together we will uncover and work through whatever you
need to; to live the life you want.
As we experience life, we sometimes struggle and suffer and
build defenses and behaviours to help us cope. Our psyche tries to protect us from traumas. Later on, these ways of being no
longer serve us well and we want to free ourselves of them but can find it too

That's where psychotherapy can be of assistance. Sitting down one on one with a therapist while being heard, seen, understood and valued in a safe space can lead to healing and recovery from trauma. It can move you towards the person you want to be. It can open up self-discovery. 

Here's where I come in... 
I provide a caring, nonjudgmental environment where we can
journey together at a pace that feels safe, exploring your thoughts, feelings,
sensations, and beliefs. I will listen and we will talk. Yes I will talk with
you and together we will help you to be the You that you want to be. To live a
happier, fulfilled, enriched, and peaceful life.

We may talk about the present, talk about the past, looks at
your dreams, sit with discomfort, allow all feelings, body sensations, and
emotions to discover what lies just beneath the surface, in the unconscious. I
hope we will form an alliance and journey together to uncover hidden
truths, peeling back layers to discover what is going on inside you and move
towards a happier, more fulfilled place.

If you would like to discuss this a little further, simply
contact me and we can speak in person, on the phone or via email. Just one step
at a time. No contract. No commitment. Imagine the idea of therapy and see what
happens. Maybe we'll book an initial session. Maybe you'll sit with it for a
while. You're in control always. Here's to you!

Fees range between $60-$80 per session. Session time ranges from 1 to 1.5 hours.

Practicing Under Supervision With
Cathleen Hoskins, RP, CTP Dipl, MA (Eng Lit)
CRPO Registration # 001357 

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Brampton ON