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Licensed professional counselling for anxiety, stress, phobias, and panic in River Heights, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Don Russell, Russell & Associates Group
Anxiety Counsellor

Don Russell, Russell & Associates Group

Professional Counselling Therapists

200-569 Academy Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3N 0E4 | 204 746 0281

Dr. Russell is an expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders and problems. He understands how difficult it can be to live with stress and anxiety. New clinically-proven techniques and strategies have transformed the treatment of anxiety problems. Dr. Russell can help you break free of panic, social or other phobias or symptoms of trauma. Don't wait to get your life back to normal. Call Dr. Russell

Donna Youngdahl, MMFT
Anxiety Counsellor

Donna Youngdahl, MMFT

Individual, Couple, and Family Therapist

497 Corydon Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 0N9 | 204-228-0078

Anxiety and stress are part of life, and help us to survive. Out-of-control stress responses, though, make life hard to bear. I will support you in implementing strategies to handle panic and stress when it hits you, and provide education around what’s happening in our body when the stress response is activated. Using dialectical behavioral therapy, I will help you learn mindfulness and other strategies to tolerate distress and regulate your emotions. We will also look at your lifestyle, and how family of origin and relationship patterns impact your stress levels. In some cases, where trauma is at the root of the anxiety, we may use EMDR to help the brain integrate and heal the trauma.

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Location: River Heights, Winnipeg, Manitoba

River Heights, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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River Heights, Winnipeg is located in Manitoba, Canada.  The population of River Heights, Winnipeg is 58,500 people. River Heights, Winnipeg therapists serve postal code: R3N.