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The benefits of counselling include a better understanding of the self-leading to a better understanding of others and your relationships.  You learn to let go of the past and find direction to explore new possibilities.   You receive tools to help resolve communication issues, change limited thinking, and start the process of moving away from depression and anxiety, moving toward improved self-esteem.


 Audrey Palmer, MTS, psychotherapist, RP, is willing to help navigate the questions and uncertainties that you have.

About Audrey

Audrey started professional life as a Child and Youth, Worker addressing childhood concerns especially in the area of sexual abuse, and she later earned a Masters of Theological Studies and her Psychotherapy designation.  Audrey managed treatment homes, facilitated sexual abuse treatment groups and was a professor at the post secondary level for many years. 




Audrey is a clinician who specializes in the treatment:

Sexual Abuse

Childhood Trauma



Anger management

Audrey has had success over the years helping children with childhood trauma, and has also had success helping women with the transitions of life. In addition, Audrey also works with:

Self-esteem issues




Assessment services

Work and personal relationship

Conflict mediation

Mental health and wellness



As a Registered Psychotherapist Audrey works well with people in the social service sector who have lost their “spark” and would like to regain their energy and zest for life. Audrey likes to help clients leverage their inner strength and chart a progressive future by establishing a therapeutic relationship that is supportive, strengthening and enlivening.






Audrey believes that each individual is the experts in themselves, and as such, enters into a relationship with the therapist to move toward wholeness.  She also believes that most of what we experience is temporary as we look at the extent of our lives.  She cautions individuals not to make permanent decisions based on a temporary situation.  Therapy is the process of understanding what has derailed the individual and actively moves back to a place of equilibrium.


Audrey’s experience consists of more than 25 years through where she became proficient in helping clients to achieve extraordinary results in dealing with anxiety, depression, anger, loneliness, relationship and other issues so they can lead enjoyable lives. Thus, can offer psychotherapy and counselling for a wide range of needs, helping clients of all age groups, ethno-cultural backgrounds and life challenges to gain a clearer perspective so that they can work towards handling their problems and moving forward in life. In so doing, Audrey helps to create a comfortable, safe and confidential environment, apply a client-centered approach, and provide professional, respectful, and compassionate service.

Additional Services


 Audrey is able to assist healthcare, church, education, businesses, agencies and other employee groups, including various socio-educational workers, to provide training and education in group settings and open seminars. These sessions would cover areas such as:

*     Crisis Intervention,

*     Resilience

*     Spirituality and sexuality

*     Resilience and the child of Colour,

*     A Resilient mother makes a resilient child.


Works by Audrey

Dreams: communication with God-Book

Spirituality & Sexuality- article

How to love yourself-article

Progressive Relaxation-CD


Audrey is presently working in her private practice in Toronto, you can learn more about her and her practice by calling  (647) 347- 7092

“I’m passionate about the work that I do and hope that I can help you move toward a feeling of wholeness.”

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