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Are you worried about your child?
Are you struggling with understanding your teen's behavior?
Do you feel overwhelmed?  
I am committed to providing compassionate support to these and many other life issues.
About Bernadene
I am originally from Australia and have had the good fortune to visit many countries and experience many cultures.
I have over 25 years' experience working within a variety of organizations providing support and guidance to children and adults. Throughout my career, I had always been drawn toward helping others build their own careers and pursue their dreams.  In 2008, I was able to return to university to finally make my own dreams come true and pursue a career in psychology.
I am a Registered Psychologist with specialized training in play therapy, expressive arts, sand-tray therapy, therapeutic story telling, music therapy, drama and dance based techniques.  I provide timely, thorough and professional services to:
  • Children
  • Teens
  • Parents
  • Couples
  • Families

During my studies, I became particularly interested in childhood behavioral issues and I now dedicate a significant portion of my practice to working with children and teens. I am experienced in supporting children, youth and families in a wide range of diverse challenges, such as anxiety, depression, anger, self harm, substance abuse, trauma, abuse, grief and loss, bullying, relationship issues, separation/divorce, family conflict, learning disorders, developmental and behavioral issues, parent-child conflict, attachment, conduct difficulties and much more.
I believe that given the right supportive environment that everyone has the capacity to quickly bring calm to their relationships and life. I strive to provide a warm and accepting atmosphere where you are able to share your perspectives and together we can reach the outcomes you desire.
What is Play Therapy?
Benefits of Therapy with Bernadene
Improved understanding of children and their behaviors
Children do not have the language skills to fully convey what they are feeling and often express frustration in maladaptive behaviors, such as defiance, social withdrawal, school refusal, and risk taking behaviors. I can assist in deciphering these behaviors and strengthening family relationships.
Therapy is provided in a custom fitted play room
In the play therapy room, each item has been carefully selected to allow your child to express themselves through play in a way that a trained play therapist can understand, interpret and respond.  Children are able to explore the room and, with the assistance of the therapist, find more adaptive ways to express themselves. 
The most important tool in the play room is the therapist
I have completed training and attended seminars in play based therapies with Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute, Alberta Play Therapy Association and Play Therapy Institute of Colorado.  I am able to assist your child through play to develop the skills needed to manage their behaviors using a variety of interventions and play based techniques.
Diverse experience in providing therapy
I understand that every person is different and therefore tailor my approach to the specific needs and issues of my clients.  While some clients benefit from talk based therapies, many others are empowered to explore their issues using other techniques.

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