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  • Registered Psychologist
  • Suite 320, 1716 16th Ave NW , Calgary, Alberta, T2M 0L7
  • Phone: 403-444-3394
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  Are you worried about your child? Are you struggling with understanding your teen's behaviour? Are you trying to cope with anxiety, depression, or self-esteem issues? At Weskin Psychological Services, we meet our clients where they are at in their mental health journey and offer compassionate support for these and many other challenges they may be facing.
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Kelly Williams -
Managing the difficulties of life can feel overwhelming sometimes. However, if these challenges start to consume you and affect your everyday life, it's a great time to seek help. I offer a safe, comfortable space for people struggling with challenges like anxiety, depression, personality disorders, relationship problems, and self-esteem issues.

Together, we will explore and work within your strengths to discover the strategies that work for you. Every client begins therapy at a different place and I am experienced in cultivating thorough, individualized treatment to help my clients overcome their struggles piece by piece.

Improving your mental health is a brave and admirable ambition. By helping you identify and change the thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back, your healing journey can feel less daunting and more achievable. Feel free to reach out or book a no-cost phone consultation using my booking site. I look forward to connecting!

Bernadene Weskin -

Parenting can be the most stressful role you will ever have and I am here to support you and your family to become stronger and overcome life's hurdles together. I am experienced in working with children, adolescents, and their families. I have comprehensive training in play therapy and I understand that building strong, supportive relationships will mean less time in therapy.
Whether it is trauma, anxiety, depression, school refusal, anger issues, self-esteem issues, a learning or behavioural diagnosis, or many other presenting concerns, I can achieve results because children look forward to coming to their sessions.

I believe that if a child feels free to play, to explore and deal with their emotions, issues and sense of self in a non-judgmental atmosphere, they will begin to gain self-regulation, self-esteem and create a positive identity from which they can build upon.

I understand that every person is different and therefore tailor my approach to the specific needs of my clients. I respect the challenges that a mental health diagnosis can describe, but understand that we are all unique individuals and love to empower people to discover their own strengths. Call or email me to discuss how I can support you.
Group Therapy Opportunities:
Braving the Waves
This is a 8-week narrative therapy group for teens or young adults looking for hope and support with anxiety. They will learn from their peers, develop creative strategies for coping, and create alternative perspectives on anxiety, personal strengths, and resilience. Early Bird and Sliding Scales rates may apply. Cost may be reimbursable by your insurance provider. Check our website for upcoming dates and age groups:
Social Skills Squad - Workshop for Kids
This 8-week group will help children build social skills to develop and maintain relationships. Together we will build a "toolbox" of strategies to recognize emotions in others and find ways to cope with social stressors. We will use a variety of fun and engaging activities to encourage learning through play. With the guidance of a registered psychologist, registered provisional psychologist, and a counselling intern, children will learn with their peers in a supportive environment. Check our website for upcoming dates and age groups: Early Bird and Sliding Scales rates may apply. Cost may be reimbursable by your insurance provider.

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