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I did my graduate work at Antioch University in San Francisco and have been practicing psychotherapy and counselling for over 24 years.  My interests in graduate school and since have been in object-relations, ego psychology and Jungian depth psychotherapy.  I also have post- graduate training specializing in systemic couples/family therapy and group therapy.  My experience in working in out-patient psychiatry, residential treatment centers, as well as private and group practice settings have allowed me vast and varied experiences.  

 I believe that human beings are fundamentally oriented toward growth, “individuation”, or self-actualization and that we are born with an instinctual striving towards intimacy that motivates us throughout our lives.  As much as we crave “connection” it simultaneously scares us, even terrifies us and we unintentionally do things to relieve our fear, which unfortunately creates distance from others.  We are constantly moving between being open to relationship/moving closer to others and taking distance from them due to the inevitable fear that is stimulated when we are close (even to ourselves!). 

I find my work to be deeply gratifying and believe my role is to: 1) help build the structure of the therapeutic relationship which then allows for the “mystery that heals” to enter into the life of my clients; and 2) to work toward helping clients discover what interferes with the inborn desire to grow and change and by doing so, change is created, growth continued.

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