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We all have an inner voice. Sometimes, that inner voice is self-critical, and brings with it many negative thoughts and feelings. We can feel stuck at a cross-roads, split between multiple paths. Other times, we might feel overwhelmed, burned out, or feel directionless, but with a desire to change something in our lives. At times, we can rely on family and friends for support and guidance, but some problems are so unique and specific. Issues involving relationships, career guidance and the management of our mental health most often benefit from connecting with a trusted professional.
You might be feeling stuck or confused about some problem in your life. Perhaps this problem has been around for a while, or a recent event has shifted things in your life. You've tried different solutions, but might feel like you aren't really getting anywhere. Reaching out for help is an admirable first step and I am honoured to support you in your journey.
About Me
I have been working in the mental health field for 7+ years. My counselling approach is person-centred. I integrate narrative, cognitive-behavioural, and trauma-informed practices based on a mindfulness approach. I have background experience and training in working with adults and teens. I also provide career counselling that focuses on digital-first careers (Web3, Decentralization, Digital Nomadism, Pseudonymity).
Born in India and raised in BC, I enjoy working with diverse clients from the lower mainland and South Asian community. I divide my time between non-profit work, and an active private practice through Thrive Integrative. I have published and presented research on topics including culturally adapted counselling/psychotherapy, ethics, cognitive, and political psychology. Outside of my practice, I enjoy cycling, lifting, and studying decentralized systems.
I have a Masters degree from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Counselling Psychology, and a Bachelors (Honours) degree Psychology, with a minor in Criminal Justice, from the University of the Fraser Valley. I also hold a Micro-Certificate in Blockchain Innovation and Implementation from UBC.
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In-person and remote counselling services are being done through Thrive Integrative.
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My Psychology Today profile can be found here, and my personal website can be found here.
Feel free to reach out with any questions. Together, we can tackle the uncertainties in life, and build resilience.
The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely - Carl Jung

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