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I began training as a Psychotherapist in 1973 with the Therafields Foundation in Toronto, a psychoanalytically oriented community founded by a Welsh therapist, Lea Hindley-Smith and continued training and volunteering there until 1981.
Before I decided to go into private practice in 1990 I used my training in various work and volunteer situations such as helping to teach people in starting their own businesses. I worked as an addiction counsellor, was a board member of the Candida Research Foundation, a volunteer at the Salvation Army Harbour Light Addiction Treatment Centre, Surrey Place Children’s Assessment Centre and the Crescent School for boys in Toronto.

Psychotherapy is an art and an artist changes and grows and learns to express themselves in new ways as they experiment and develop. Initially my focus was entirely on Triage, or what I now call “Stage One Therapy,” the relief of pain and unlocking of trauma. I still do that work and love it of course but I’ve added what I call “Stage Two Therapy” which basically comes under the heading of “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
It’s not as shallow a question as it sounds. When we’ve been locked up and unable to express our potential, healing the pain from that is just the first step for me. I love turning gradually toward discovering a client’s dreams with them if that’s where they want to go, the answer to the question, “Why am I here, what do I want my life to beabout?” Journeying to find the answer to that and then setting sail to do it is tremendously exciting for clients and hugely rewarding for me as I watch them discover themselves. It’s all about moving into that core part of us that’s a natural dreamer and creator. It may be about opening the door to a life-mate, finally starting that business, developing an artistic talent, changing our vocation or about discovering things and desires in us that we never would have allowed before or even knew were there. After all, what’s the point of doing the healing if we don’t create the wonderful experience of life we all deserve? That’s where I’m coming from by the way, because I believe that last sentence. You and I both deserve the joy of arriving at the end of a life without regrets at having not lived it to our truest satisfaction.
For both stages it’s a fascinating discovery for most people to find out just how complex and creative our inner self really is. For those who don’t understand the unconscious it can be a shock to discover what’s really going on when we pick a mate for instance, the unconscious has a much more complex agenda than most people realize and for many it’s like being given the keys to a powerful race car and being told to drive with a blindfold on.  Unless we’ve explored it we can’t know that the unconscious is enormously powerful and works by a different set of rules than our conscious minds.
In my own healing journey in the 1970’s, the therapists I worked with cared deeply about working with me and I knew it. The worst experience you can have is trying to face the things your most afraid of and feeling utterly alone when you do. I knew when I was going inside to face scary places within me I always had company, and so will you.

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