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  • Registered Psychologist
  • RISE COUNSELLING #102, 323-17th Ave SW, PO Box 23157, Calgary, Alberta, T2S 3B1
  • Phone: 5872284849
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Stuck. Stagnant. Suffering. These are undeniably three of the most common words I hear upon first contact with people in my work.  Consider, however, what it might feel like to say:
Liberated. Evolving. Whole.

These dynamic ways of being are what I strive for with passion and resolve every day when collaborating with clients. They are also experiences I believe that lie within reach of each of our fingertips.

I began working in the wellness field over 20 years ago and truly have never looked back. I obtained my Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, then my Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Mediation, and in 2004 I received my Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology. Being a Registered Psychologist and sharing in and witnessing people’s success, pain, vulnerability, healing and so much more is a privilege I feel honoured to call my “job”.

I enjoy working with adults of all kinds and sorts, but also have a rich history supporting adolescents and their families, and continue to hold a soft spot for that population today.

Most people enter into therapy with descriptions of:

      • depression or feelings of deep sadness
      • past trauma that just doesn’t seem to go away
      • anxiety or feelings of chronic worry
      • physiological symptoms unexplained by a medical issue
      • hopelessness in upholding fulfilling relationships
      • overwhelming life transitions
      • continued grief over some form of deep loss
      • struggles to focus in life, work and relationships
      • ….and the list goes on.

Sometimes I teach skills and tools to help manage these experiences, and other times things need to dig deep and get mucky in therapy in order to explore old patterns or events to reframe them in a more balanced and nourishing way.  Because I do not believe there is a single path to follow on a therapeutic voyage, it becomes vital to truly see and champion the unique and idiosyncratic route for each person who walks through my door.  By slowing down, incorporating various forms of mindfulness, EMDR, cognitive-behavioural therapy, interpersonal therapy, and looking to the glorious brain science behind it all, I sincerely believe that with some hard work, growth and healing are waiting to flourish.
Please do not hesitate to connect when you feel ready. 
With gratitude,

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