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Clients who have experienced the unique way Karleen works with them, tell their friends.  Most of her clientele is through referrals from people who have traveled a journey toward connection, better understanding and improved health with Karleen. 

Karleen offers counselling and coaching to couples and  individuals in her comfortable and central Vancouver  office.  She supports clients as they work on improving communication in their primary relationships or as they transition through the ending of such relationships.  She believes that a vital component to an enriched life is honest, compassionate and clear communication with others.  And this belief forms the focus of much of her work.  Therapy is  partly centered on gaining awareness of  what we unconsciously communicate to others, and how this impacts our ability to get our needs met.
Karleen is a member of the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists Of Canada (ACCT).  Her post grad training includes Satir Transformational Family Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy with the Vancouver Couple and Family Institute. 

A CPA as well as a counsellor/coach, Karleen understands the ongoing demands often present in our careers and how these demands can impact us emotionally.  Her first hand business experience helps her empathize and understand executives and team members experiencing stress related to their work environment.  Drawing on her familiarity with finances, she also helps widowed and divorcing clients transform financial fear and anxiety to comfort and empowerment.
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