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  • Registered Psychotherapist
  • Dupont + Spadina, Toronto , Ontario, M5R 1V9
  • Phone: 416-884-5071
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  • Session Fees: $120 per 50 min Individual session $150 per 50 min Couples Session. Covered by most insurance plans if you have insurance for psychotherapy or psychology
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  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

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Are you Struggling with Anxiety? Is it affecting your Performance at Work?

Are you struggling in your relationships? Do you want a long term relationship but need some new tools and guidance?

Are your partner and you constantly arguing over the same things? Do you need some tools and evidence based strategies to better communicate and understand each other?

Olethea Pimenta, RP, MT, a relationship focused therapist can help support you in your anxiety and relationship issues.


Olethea is passionate about helping individuals and couples have better relationships; starting with relating better to yourself.

She works with clients in a way that is:                                        


Gets deep quickly

Supports the pain while exploring the potential with You

She provides you with tools and evidence based strategies to have better ABCD’s in a relationship. Awareness, Better Boundaries, have Choices and make supported Decisions. 

Olethea became a therapist after being in Gestalt therapy and seeing the change she was able to make in her own life. Being in therapy allowed her to experience being present, alive to the moment, and contactful with the other person and this is what she shares and explores with every client. 


Are you struggling with anxiety? Is it affecting your performance at work?

Olethea helps clients ground their anxiety, allowing their passion and excitement to lead. In working with her, clients are able to explore what is holding them back and what support they need to really move forward in their career.

If you are struggling with anxiety, watch this video to see how Olethea works:


Are you successful in every area of your life but when it comes to relationships you don’t seem to know how to make it work. I help smart women stop making bad relationship decisions.

I help you become aware of what’s happening in your body, understanding the boundaries you have with others and understanding what choices you have in a relationship. I can work with you to become more aware of the impact you have on others.

Please click here to watch how I can help you in your relationship:

COUPLES SUPPORT: Communicate better. Understand each Other. Build Compassion.

On average couples wait 6 years before going into therapy. Are you ready for change now?

I work with couples who are ready to make change in their relations.

I help couples understand each other. Couples leave with communication tools, better understanding of their impact on their partner, better ability to support themselves and their partner in the relationship. Bonus: Improved personal responsibility and a sense of love and respect for their partner.

Please click here to watch how I can help you in your relationship

Please click here to watch a better way to communicate with your partner:


If you are struggling in your relationship with your family, you might be in a lot of pain and may not be able to share the impact of that with friends.

You may feel isolated from your community especially if your family have different ideas of what it is for you to be successful or who you should be with or how you should live your life.

I give you the support to feel like an adult around your parents. I help you understand what might be triggering for them and support you in being yourself around your parents while still respecting them and caring for them.

Please click here to watch how I support you:

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