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Finding the right drug and alcohol treatment program can be overwhelming. To simplify the process, our expert recovery and addiction treatment admissions will provide reassurance at first contact, whether by e-mail, text or phone. Guidance, resources and answers to difficult questions will be answered compassionately, permitting the Orchard level of care to be “experienced” even before walking through our doors.

Our staff is dedicated, compassionate, determined and ready to help you on your journey to recovery. We believe that the best outcome is achieved when our treatment program is carefully chosen to meet each individual need. Compassion, respect and teamwork sets the tone for the care we provide. We understand that addiction creates isolation, which is why Orchard Recovery focuses on creating a collaborating community and connections to contribute to the healing process. It is important to our staff to build relationships, share activities and interact throughout the day. Orchard Recovery creates an environment of trust, honesty and safety as people improve the quality of their lives and achieve recovery.

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