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Are you wondering whether your current relationship is right for you? Have you been hurt in the past and have difficulties trusting? Are you going through a difficult breakup? When we are experiencing relationship difficulties, it can be helpful to speak to a relationship specialist. A specialist can offer an objective perspective, and let you know whether the issues you are struggling with are common or require further support. In addition to specializing in relationships, I am a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist.


My approach is informed by the science of relationships, as well extensive experience working with individuals and couples using the Gottman Method. Utilizing trauma therapies such as EMDR and somatic experiencing can also be quite effective for overcoming past hurts. 


Clients share that they connect with my accepting nature, sense of humour, and the videos and resources I’ve created on my website. Right now I’m currently accepting clients and have hours available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons, and Saturdays. If you’re interested in booking an appointment or have questions, please give me a call.



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