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I run a private practice counselling service, in Royal Oak (Victoria BC), my passion is to support my clients in their journey towards living the most fulfilling life possible.  I am committed to providing safe, collaborative and confidential support to my clients, who often need a sounding board or a starting point to begin to make a change in their lives. I am available to work with families, couples, individuals and youth. There is a variety of approaches used in therapy, I cater to my clients needs, experiences and individuality before I can establish which approach will be most beneficial. At some point we all could find ourselves in unexpected situations that will challenge our coping skills and even leave us feeling incapable of moving forward. These situations could range from, trauma ,loss of a loved one, depression or substance abuse, relationship or parenting difficulties, anxiety and phobia's. I am available to support those in a variety of circumstances. Working together you will feel accepted, guided and hopeful as I work to teach you the appropriate skills and coping strategies to support yourself through life's difficulties.
    Through my education and personal experiences I work to assist my clients in developing a plan of action based on their individual needs. I believe in a collaborative approach, where therapy is built on a trusting relationship in which the client feels they are part of a team, building their own plan of action. My goal with you will be that you leave our sessions feeling empowered and equipped with the emotional tools needed to navigate through your life successfully. I often give my clients homework between sessions so they feel they have some form of tactile control over the situations they are facing, again this is on an individual bases.
As a mother of two I strive to help parents, couples, co-parents and families find better ways to communicate and work collaboratively to find a harmonious balance within these important relationships. Youth often find my laid back approach beneficial to them, and I frequently hear that they enjoy therapy once we have established a rapport, which I do so promptly.I am experienced and available to assist clients with :
* Relationship difficulties
* Parenting issues.
* Anxiety, Depression and Phobia's
* Substance abuse
* Crisis
* Sexual abuse

* Grief and Loss
* Trauma & P.T.S.D.
* Coaching
* Addictions
* Suicidal Ideation & Self Harm
* Self Esteem Issues 

I am a member in good standing with The Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists  (ACCT) and I am bound by their rules and code of ethics.

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